Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Gathering in the 'GARDEN OF ALWUN' Tuesday Sept 26th 8 PM

Ron, thanks for posting Kim’s reply! Great photo too! Can someone kidnap Ron and get him here for this? (o:

As I mentioned in my email to Kim, how about we throw in a little tribute to Lissa Wales while we're all there? What do you think? I feel her spirit in the genesis of this really strongly so it's just an idea...a nice little tribute a year later...? Wouldn't it be awesome if the video of the benefit (or at least parts of it if it’s not all edited yet) that Danny and Troy did for Lissa that Ken Beals (AMEHOF) helped videotape could be shown that night? Or maybe we can plan one for her when we are all together at this one? Feedback? Ideas?

1. Can someone contact Danny Zelisko and Troy Lucketta about that video who might be able to help coordinate that specific idea if y'all want to do that? I can contact Lissa’s friends at Tempe Camera, email Danny and call Troy Lucketta and Ken Beals to tell them what we are doing. Bob could you call Tom Story to invite him?
2. Marty, can you call Danny and do you have time to contact the ol' KCAC/KDKB gang and ask them to be part of this? Any ideas along that theme for the night?
3. John Dixon are you on board? Andy Olson? How about spinning some tunes? You're the official music gurus.
4. Tom can you come and bring whatever fantastic KCAC/KDKB mementos you want to bring? Liz could you coordinate that with Andy and Tom?
5. Russ, can you toss some of your Wonderful ideas into this thing?
6. Liz, can the two of us make a list of stuff to bring to the party and see who will bring what to Alwun House – maybe Cheryl Sweet would have time to help, she’s so good at that sort of stuff. Can you ask her about it?

How about we make it BYOB so people can bring their favorite beverages/sun tea/drinks/wine/beer/snacks whatever…and keep a list of what people want to have and who is bringing what here on the blog? Ideas anyone?

God is Alive. Magic is Afoot. We can pull this off together! "It's a no brainer!" (o:

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