Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Garden of Alwun is Calling Celebrate the Rebirth of Real!

It's time for the impromptu celebration and tribute we've been yakking about. Accept this invitation to the celebration hosted by Kim Moody and Alwun House this coming Tuesday Sept 26th at 8pm. Commmiserate and celebrate the spirits here and there of...

*All KCAC/original KDKB folks*
*The PHANTASMAGORIC CREATORS of that wonderful era of radio and music*
And of course...

WE HOPE JOHNNY D WILL COME SPIN THE TUNES! And heck, if you play an instrument (even air guitar!) bring it along.

To all of those whose combined spirit turned a sleepy little cow town into a cool town...there seems to be no doubt that Lissa, on the one year anniversary of her being swept up into the Universe, has reincarnated her role as "Heavenly Goddess of Get Togethers and Goodness."

Could it be Lissa creating the buzz to gear up folks like DANNY ZELISKO, TROY LUCKETTA, DWIGHT TYNDAL, JOHNNY D, RUSS SHAW, MARTY MANNING, TOM STORY, JIMMY MAGAHERN (who interviewed the effusive Lissa for his article 'Drummerpalooza' about the 'Lissa Wales Benefit') CAROLE COMPTON GLENN, PEGI COOKENBOO GANT, RAY THOMSON, HANS OLSON, TED STRATTON, JON KERR, ANDY OLSON, DAVE DEERHAKE, BOB DUNN, SCOTT NICHOLSON, TOD CARROL, DENNIS McBROOM, LEE POWELL, WENDY NAYLOR. MARY MCANN et al, and the folks at TEMPE CAMERA (to name just a few on 'THE LIST') to whoosh here by jetpack if neccessary?

Could it be Lissa enthusing us to "BRING THE KIDS AND THE OLD FOLKS TOO! Hey, JOHNNY D, why not bring your cool, spirited mom who recently celebrated a BIG birthday?? Like, TOM STORY, you photo archivist, take some pictures for God's sake! Friends from Trader Joes, bring some Baby Spring Mix! There is no such thing as coincidence' Lets get this show on the road and celebrate NOW, life is a GIFT! Geez, it's a no brainer!"

Consider that the genesis of the Tues Sept 26th date springs from these coincidences:

DANIEL PAGE, along with BRUCE FRANK and others from the Phoenix REBIRTH and STARBRITE RANCH 'tribes' are coming to visit Arizona from all over the place to honor the anniversary of JOE GARNEAU'S death. JOE was one of the founders of REBIRTH (our first underground newspaper in the 1960's) as were Bruce and Daniel. Joe like Lissa left us a year ago. They were both friends of Bill, Toad, Hank et al.

BILL COMPTON presided over the marriage of Joe and Michelle Garneau, who together gave the world their musician son, Leif. They later went their separate ways (hey, didn't we all?) but the REBIRTH folks are coming to AZ from Oregon and elsewhere for a memorial in Payson. Lets get 'em all out here! It won't even be hot anymore!

BOB GATELY has offered to contribute lanyards for 'nametags' that will feature the red KCAC LIVES!/RFP 'double decker bus' that RON WORTHAM posted on the blog. It will proclaim: 'CELEBRATING THE REBIRTH OF REAL!' Can EVERYONE who is coming please:

1. RSVP asap on the blog or by email to RFP'S LIZ BOYLE or to BOB GATELY or me (see hyperlinks on "THE LIST")
2. Write a few words about yourselves for us to put on your lanyard along with your name
3. That way we can describe each person's connection to the spirit of that era (ie: KCAC/KDKB/REBIRTH/ TEMPE CAMERA/RADIO FREE PHOENIX etc...) and not have to say "sheesh, I already forgot your name!"

We'll kick back and share our monikers, our memories, our ideas and the lives that we are now living with these "ARIZONA BLOODLINES in our heart..." (a nod to the musical mentors and friends of BILL COMPTON and LISSA, like JERRY RIOPELLE and all the musicians who played at her benefit concert.) You heart o' the era movers and shakers who actually know all those wonderful folks, spread the word. Can there be any doubt that these beloved spirits across the universe are watching us, looking down on us in this effort to bring the spirit of real music, real life and community here back to its core?

Anyone who reads the KCAC LIVES! Blog knows there is an undeniable, incredible energy that is uniting us all at this time. Let's celebrate the graciousness of KIM MOODY at ALWUN HOUSE and make it a night to remember!!

God is Alive. Magic is Afoot. Magic Never Dies.

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