Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Ron's notes; Just a line or two about a really special lady. Kathy was/is the very definition of Free Spirit always a friend, always a pal and a comfort. She would move into and out of your life before you could say "What happened?". Deep, husky voice, charmingly boyish smile and demeanor. Very easy to know, very easy to miss when she was not there. One sweet dream.

Bruce writes; Kathy Greiger... Rebirth family,staff, facilitator, mirical worker... not a groupie... but she liked to be where the boys are... and apparently they liked it too... especialy when they needed a shower, ping-pong table, or a ride to the gig... she's also a holistic healer, and a Chiropracter... and more than able to straighten you up... should you get your nose out of joint.

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