Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thirty-Six years - and the question remains the same. CLICK HERE

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Well, so much for freedom.

Mariah Fleming said...

Ok travelers, I have some email addresses and names to add to the KCAC/KDKB list on the site under "Come Together" but I can't find the original list on here (???) Maybe it's just 4 am and I can't see what I'm looking at...??? MYSTERY or muddled mind? Any clues?

Anyway here are the ones I wanted to add:

Jon Kerr:
Ted Stratton:
Linda Peterson:

vagabondvet said...

Ahhhhhhh, that's great, Ron, thanks for the link. The Moody Blues have always been in my top five bands list, if I have such a thing... I have a CD I made of almost all of their music, converted to MP3s so it'll fit on one disc, and I play it 'shuffled' when I'm driving around all the time. I've got one like that of the Beatles, too. It sure is nice to see a video clip of one of their classics.

Anyway, yeah, what happened to the list? I was going to add a note that you could mark Larry Garneau deceased - I had written Orlena asking about him and she gave me the sad news. He passed away a few years ago, of cancer like Joe.

On a lighter note she also told me there was going to be a memorial for Joe on his birthday, September 24, presumably (but not for certain) in Phoenix. She said all the old Rebirth people will be there - I wrote back and asked for clarification of that, hoping that she's somehow still in touch with some of the old family. Also asked for details about the event, and I'll post something when I hear back from her.

So, Ron, where's that list?

Peace, all...


vagabondvet said...

Note: the aforementioned list has been found and posted... mysterious circumstances apparently surround its disappearance... anyone??? said...

Freaked me out!