Wednesday, August 30, 2006

DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshots: PEGI'S VAULT

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but not in the way one would assume or identify with "Easy Rider". Bill had nothing to prove - to himself or anyone else, and in that quiet acceptance and contentment, a hugely amplified Voice Of Reason rang out over and led - The Valley Of The Sun. KCAC remember, was pulling huge ratings AT NIGHT, long after sign-off.
During the months that Little Willy Sunshine broke ratings records at KRUX, The Family moved, morphed and modified. I personally remember at leas three residences before Starbright Ranch in Laveen. A different place almost every month.

HANK grew and matured also, taking on a huge responsibility with The Maverick House on Latham. It was a grand social experiment - almost a Work In Progress and almost successfull, almost all the time. It was constantly changing though. It had to, because the people did.

RICH AND KARLA ROGERS were among the many friends of KCAC and it's many-faceted Family. Rich was a VERY smooth Jazz DJ who was into several disciplines including Karate, Astrology and just plain people. Some dudes have that Timeless quality about them. I ran into Rich at a stadium concert in 1981. Different shoes and clothes. Same man, exactly.

CHUCK HOLMES it seems, was always smiling. You get like that when you develop a reputation for being one of the best motorcycle mechanics in the state. Always a friend and very tolerant of overly aggressive ping-pong players

PEGI shown here at I believe, The Maverick House. This was in her "Shirley Temple" mode which brings to mind the question every man asks at some point; "HOW do they get their hair to do that? And WHY"?
OO00oops! (sez Ron)
These are great. Just a minor correction on “Pegi as Shirley Temple” – that’s not me. She was a guest at Maverick House. I’m so sorry but I can’t remember her name.

Thanks for these!

Peg Gant

THIS CONCLUDES the first tour of Pegi's Vault - Album One of Four. The others will follow as the subject matter is scanned and digitized. There were about 130 personal photos in this first album and of course, more to come as appropriate. If you have some old pics to contribute and share, they wouod be cherished by all.

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ONE FINAL TRANSITORY MARKER in all our lives though, should be noted.


Pictured here as a puppy, Malcom worked his way into many, many lives. And shoes. Sometimes heavy clothing such as coats. Malcom was ALWAYS glad to see you, particularly if you had Big Legs or liked to wrestle. Malcome was a warm, very personal friend of every visitor. And cushions. And couches or other furniture. One very Fond acquaintence of Malcom's was a rolled-up carpet that was finally simply abandoned to him.

In defense of Malcom (who grew to be a HUGE dog).... There were those who stated "THAT is the horniest dog I have ever seen". (That MAY have been Wonderful Russ who made that observation.)

I take issue with that. I saw Malcom several times and NOT ONCE did I observe any horns. None at all.

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Mariah Fleming said...

Why do they do their hair like that??
Well, in Pegi's case I'd say 'cause it looked great! And imagine the chutzpah it took for her to do that when the rest of us were ironing our hair! I'd like this gal, no doubt about it. Maybe we'll all meet up someday and realize we've met before.