Monday, August 14, 2006


Peace Candle from Liz Boyle

Seashell image from Mars Rover

A couple of Bill's favorite books were "Stranger in A Stange Land" by Robert Heinlien and "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clarke. There seems to be buried deep within our collective conciousness or collective memory SOMETTHING that makes us think of and/or identify with Mars. There are some suggestions that Mars may have been our HOME in the waaaaaay distant past and that our arrival here on Earth may have something to do with the moon.

So... With the memory of Bill's intellectual interest in mind boys and girls, I am including these two links. I really believe he would want you to know about this, off-topic or not.

ANY enlightenment it presents can be in honor of his memory.

So..... Take a deep breath, remember 2001 and copy/paste one of these URL's into your broser.



Liz Boyle said...

Hey Ron !

Bummer. That flame is supposed to be animated but I guess I'm not computer saavy enough to send it.
I thought it was cool so if anyone wants to copy it, the animated version is at the very bottom of my webpage.

Awesome Mars images, Ron. For anyone with an interest in shell fossills closer to home, we like to go to the Naco Formation, about 1/2 mile north of Winkelman, AZ; a spectacular portion of the high Sonoran Desert (with really cheap mining cottages for sale as Andy's family and mine have happily discovered).

BTW, wasn't "Cowboys on Mars" a Bob Gately Rock Opera ? said...

Hi Liz.... I believe the animation problem may have to do with BLOG configuration. For instance - though we are typing in upper and lower case, it is all being displayed - at least right now - in upper case. Hopefully it will correct itself. Been having similar problems on my local Outlook Express. The candle is great, it might animate after the problem is fixed. It animated here correctly and looks almost real.

Mining shacks? Wow. Memories of Jerome. You could lease a house there for $100 per year back in '69. Ahhh, the good ol' days.


vagabondvet said...


The blog doesn't like .gif files, apparently, and when Ron uploaded the flame it converted to a .png file, which won't animate. I tried to replace it with the .gif from Liz's site, but it converted that one to a .png file too, so I left it alone.

The upper case problem was caused by tag being left out of the last template edit, and that's been fixed. All should be okay now, except that you'll have to visit Liz's site and scroll to the bottom to get the flickering flame effect.