Monday, August 28, 2006


WHEN WE LAST SAW OUR HEROS Ron, Bob, Dan, Mariah, Bruce, Liz, Jimmy, anonymous posters and about 100 daily readers (minus cyber-hits by web-bots and government spooks) - they were discussing a way to memorialize KCAC/KDKB (The Early Years to about 1977) by possibly marking the accident site. Ron suggested a monument describing something similar to the Monolith in 2001. Bob opened another bottle of Bourbon and described something similar to Stonehenge and the others remained relatively quiet so as not to cause Bob to spill the bourbon.

Jimmy however, piped up with a totally absurd will-o-the-wisp suggestion that the memorial be something DO-ABLE such as an independant website in perpetuity very similar to this one but NOT subject to the whims, down times, screw-ups, SPAM and browser hijacks of Blogger.

As we re-adjust to real-time, the black-ops of The Government (the enemy) are relaying the ISP routing numbers and physical locations of our heros - these cowboys and girls from Mars or other desert environs - to their other lobotomized and brainwashed colleagues at the HAARP installation in Alaska. (Ever notice that HAARP and AARP are almost the same)? Big Brother really knows his abbreviations.

As a reader of this BLOG you can expect a huge microwave zzZZAAAP coming out of your monitor at any moment. Don't be fooled though, it is NOT your computer monitor causing you to pass out but merely your brain cells and other nervous system components being fused together like so much microwaved poached egg. Have no fear, it will NOT affect your erectile dysfunction or digestive rhythms. You will still be able to drive and find your way to Wal-Mart.

Enter any questions, comments and credit card numbers below.


Mariah Fleming said...

Hey all you campers in this weird universe...

Do you want to know my theory? I don't think the world has been running on 'real time' for about 100 years (if ever!)

Anyway, Ronco, if the government knows where I live, "I'll bring them apples and cheeses, and songs to sing" and they will have to be nice to our two big Weimaraners who came, though not directly, via ol' Ike from Germany after the war. So that might count for some points. Oh, wait...maybe not. He's the one who warned the government about the "US military industrial complex" isn't he?

One funny thing about my happily out of the mainstream (read bizarro) life is that having the mind bending psychic stuff that happened early in my life (which I started writing about when I was eight years old) I was not predisposed to doing drugs. I was fascinated and respected the journey of those who were bolder than I was in those days, though. Some of the made it through and some of them didn't, sadly. Too much of a 'good thing' is still too much, I guess, huh?

Anyhoo, my mind since I was a little kid seemed to be strongly telling me to let it do its own thing its own way. When I read through some of my childhood dream journals I think I will write a book but then I realize my experiences were probably not really unusual. As I grew up I continued to write for better or worse, and was the one my tripping friends always relied on to hold their hands, be the voice of 'reason' and swim them back to the other side when the waters got rough.

Geez, flashback! A friend wrote a poem for me about that at the time. Let me think, now...ok. Part of it said "perhaps she'll be a singer, for she's certainly a writer; a wild green eyed princess, Mariah sings us home." I know I"m leaving stuff out, but that was the gist. Nice, huh? Brings back warm memories all of a sudden. Wonder whatever happened to him??? Are you out there still?
Now how and why the heck did I remember THAT after all these decades? See what this blog does! Ain't it grand!?

Y'know, I am probably the only person who hung around KCAC/KDKB and turned down drugs. But Bill and company didn't judge me. It never seemed to harm to my category as "cool enough" though by far not among the "coolest"!! I sure had my fun, but my far more 'chemically adventuresome' friends forgave the less bold aspects of my journey.

But hey, like at Rebirth, love was drug, the key ingredient of the connection that bound us all...and it still is to this day.

Oops! I did go on in this one!! Hope it was a worthy read! said...

'Taint about the drugz as it is about the love. Sometimes ya gotta take drugz to realize ya need love. Some NEVER realize it and THAT is what causes The Bummer.

You know what this is? This is a drop-in JAM SESSION with keyboards instead of instruments!


vagabondvet said...

Ron's right, it wasn't about the drugs, though judicious use of some of them played an important part in the evolution on our generation, and opened some doors for people that otherwise wouldn't have seen what was on the other side. Most of us, Bill included, never lost sight of the fact that, as Ron noted, it was really about the love, and the drugs were just tools that, if one chose to use them, should be used with reverence and respect - not too mention common sense. As has been noted elsewhere here in the blog, many of us were involved in steering people away from irresponsible drug use, and trying to educate people about the dangers and pitfalls. Having a 'guide' along on a peyote or mushroom journey was always a good idea (Thanks, Mariah! And all other guides, of course... I salute you.) I remember very few chemicals being used by most of our group, we pretty much stuck to organics, and used them more as a sacrament than a recreational pursuit.

Mariah Fleming said...

Yeah, that's what's so different about the 50's and 60's generations as opposed to todays kids. It's heartbreaking that the only goal is to "get wasted' and it doesn't matter how or what it will do to them. They need Terros now, worse than we did before. It's not about consciousness anymore, it's about LACK of consciousness.

I blame the alcohol companies who push it like it was about a damned "gateway drug!" For an eye opener go to a club that our kids frequent and see how the liquor companies have sexy gals and guys pushing the 'cocktail du jour' who give out commemorative can openers and key chains to the kids who buy the damn cosmopolitan cocktail or whatever. Makes my blood boil! (deep breath)

But what the hell, why not just get stinking drunk and forget about it all?

Seriously, love y'all,

Bruce Frank said...

Oh them micro-waves i think i felt them today... it was very spacy out after i entered a blog and read that... what did you say? if i was smarter I'd be paranoid... but consider this...every group, organization, government or NETWORK has a consiousness... seperate from the individuals in is. [a real spacy day]
That explains lynch mobs and why individual can be removed and replaced and the group pretty much goes on the same...
Ike... he realy layed it out and warned us about the military industrial complex... and who wants a complex... my shrink has enough work to do already!
Hey... ever get a polish virus... what do you do when you get a polish virus?
This and more...
Love ya's

Mariah Fleming said...

Backatcha, my brother. said...

Here's a copy of some email I just received from a friend in Central Texas...... Not to send anyone on a paranoid trip or bummer but this lady is computer and technologically SAVVY. She substantiate her statements, this tine with a graph (which will not display here).

It AIN'T paranoia if they really ARE messin' with ya!

About 10:30 I was surfing the net as normal and suddenly I got a headache in my eyes then my eyes got some wavy lines through them like that other time a couple of months ago. While I could still see OK I looked at the barometer I recently got and it was going abnormally high. It normally sits at about 29.55. It went past 29.57. I think it affected Cocoa too. She was real quiet and when the wavy eye lines started to stop she got up and was licking my face. My neighbors had been out and about enjoying things before the heat sank in and then it was quiet outside. What must it feel like to give the order to microwave your fellow citizens.

Bob Gately said...

What a lively, lovely morning ya'all send out over this web....I did almost spill my bourbon reading these remarkable reflections, confessions, comments on the times that were our passings through this Valley of the Sun.

Indeed, there are blessings within this WebHouse, under this hot burning Sky and within the spirits and souls who speak now from their long and deeply supressed sleep. Yes, this is an awaking that promises great and powerful revelations
as each of us recalls and relates the experiences that shaped our pasts and gives purpose to the present. Interesting, is it not, that all of this has been created by the Power of One who walked among us in time and returns now from out of thin air to speak again of truth, love and the beauty that can be created through community. Thanks, Bill.

Do you remember the parable some sixties prophet spoke ? "Drugs are for people who cant handle reality, reality, for those who cant handle drugs." I found my great grandfather listed in the census of 1893 in Brooklyn NY as a , "rectifier of spirits", the guy that purefied the booze before bottling. I do feel that Bill is here again among us to rectify our spirits and help us to remove the bad stuff that pollutes our culture and disturbes our sleep. Welcome to his latest reincarnation, this blog is his continuing gift to all of us whos lives were touched by his presence. Lucky us.

Blessed are the meek, the weak, that walk among us, the lonely voice that shouts into the desert wind their frustrations and returns to give strength to the powerless, the inheritors of an earth they seek to make better...

In our beginning there was the word, the song, the dance of life that Bill softly sung into the mike to all us eager fledglings, fly in the face of power,
fight the forces that would kill our ideas, depress our psyches with the forces of fear...He would have none of it, The War is over, if you want it to be, he say, we say, now and forever, Ah-men, sigh.

vagabondvet said...

VERY well said, Bob! Amen!