Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Link your website to KCAC Lives!


We have a request for those of you who have websites of your own, or ones which you can edit - we'd like to ask you to please post a link (or links) to this blog on your site(s). This will have two positive effects: it will directly generate more visits to the site from people who visit your site and click on the link, and it will also improve the search engine rankings, which will indirectly generate more traffic from people who find us through a web search (rankings are based partly on the number of sites that link to a particular site).

Thanks! Have a very fine day.

:~)aniel & Jimmy


Mariah Fleming said...

FYI you are linked to the AMEHOF website and I'll link you to mine too.
Good idea to mention this, thanks!!

Bruce Frank said...

Good idea... I'm lookin for the link though...and i don't see it.

vagabondvet said...

Ah. Sorry 'bout that, it is kinda buried in there, I'll put it in a more prominent place. It's currently under the Other Great Links page (link to that on the Links page) and on the Rebirth Tribe page, but I'll put it on the main Site Index page and the Bulletin page, too. Thanks!

Mariah Fleming said...

Here's the direct link to the page it's on on the AZ Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame Website
The site should still have a couple of tributes ro Bill Compton (he was inducted last year.) Also check out the info in the music archives, it's a gold mine that's 'curated' by the awesome John Dixon (Johnny D's R and B)

Bob Gately said...

Tried to link, but could not get the sign-in to work....Should we try something else ?


vagabondvet said...

Yo, Bob, not sure what sign-in you mean. I just happened to take another gander at Cowboys On Mars - I was updating and verifying some links on my site pages (also added a couple more links to the KCAC Lives blog in prominent places), and went to yours... I gotta say, you have a real spiffy lookin' site there! That's impressive! Li'l sparklin' stars an' the whole shebang, made me think I'd stepped right into a good party! Good content, too. As for posting a link, you should be able to just post a link to using html code, there shouldn't be a sign-in required... ?

Liz Boyle said...

I've got it linked to mine and Andy has it linked to RFP's website.

Happy Thursday, everyone !