Wednesday, August 16, 2006


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Catoon image from "Belle Starr" Nusbaum, ca 1977

This is information that would be irrelevent to anyone other than Blogger, KCAC people, Salt River Project, advetising agencies, drug dealers, terrorists, SPAM promotors, Google, the IRS, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tupperware, Homeland Security or Wonderful Russ Realty........but:

It seems the readership of KCAC LIVES! is increasing exponentially as the community expands and reawakens. "Heads UP" mail forwards, links, etcetera are driving us quickly towards 8,000 clicks. Understandably, about 25-30% of those numbers may be from contributors logging in to edit but they are significant anyway. It was just a short time ago that 6,000 clicks was remarkable.

LEST WE FORGET - the heartbeat of KCAC keeps on at Radio Free Phoenix AND you can listen as you surf! Stereo if you have DSL or Cable - monaural "simulated portable transistor radio mode" if you are on dial-up. It's the essence of the kind of eclectisism guaranteed to remind you of another great radio station long-long ago.

Then again you COULD go back to your FM and The Top Fifty Rock Hits Of All Time. "Stairway to Heaven" will be on SOME TIME today, maybe twice.

TO CONNECT to Radio Free Phoenix just click on the headline masthead above OR you can cut/paste this URL into your browser search line;

TIP: when you get to the RFP home page you will be presented with a number of Player Buttons. Top group is high speed DSL, bottom is dial-up. Pick one. Surf on. If in doubt, try the WinAmp button.

DON'T FORGET THE CHAT GATHERING TONIGHT "Gabby Chat" mode really deserves a workout. This is your invitation! Great idea!
TONIGHT 7pm AZ, 8pm MDT, 9pm CDT, 10pm EDT?

5 comments: said...

ADVISORY: I deletred a SPAM entry here from an anonymous poster offering a free tour of a porno site.... not because I regard any of us as prudish but because such sites are absolutely LOADED with SPAM, spyware and ofen "Malware" (Malicious Software). One of those I encountered recently was WinCleaner which basicly implanted an imbedded self-replicating trojan program right next to my boot sector and HID there until I was to pay $50.00 for an unlock code.

So reader.. be aware. Free porn or really almost "free" anything on the internet deserves a very thorough sniff test.



vagabondvet said...

Ha! Guess what? Okay, I'll tell... I deleted one from here also. Let's hope it's not a trend. Prolly chat with ya tonight... have a good one.


Mariah Fleming said...

Damn I thought we were off the creepazoid radar now it's been so long since we've had any "spam."

I'll try to be on the chat tonight at 7!

Maybe c u in cyberspace! GREAT post about the growth of this site Ron!

Mariah Fleming said...

Where is "Belle Starr" now? Still doing cartoons?

Mariah Fleming said...

I thought those cartoons looked familiar! of my all time favorites who left us way too young. Thanks for straightening me out on Belle Starr (o: Seriously does
anyone know of any savvy, funny, conscious cartoonists who want to be in print? Calling all artists!