Friday, August 25, 2006


You can't help but feel blessed that we live in a time that we WISH could be shared with Bill, Hank, Toad and our other passed friends. It's still a wonderful world. Google Earth allows you to go there without BEING there. I just checked out my old place on South Central Avenue, that I used to share with Kevin Reedy Webb of the Do It Now Foundation (Deceased) and the old house is totally gone. So is the concrete cabin cruiser (under construction) that suddenly got dropped in the back yard by a huge crane one day. Serious. It's just a vacant lot now. Desert once again. Dust In The Wind. Sigh.......

Anyway in honor of Kevin and especially Bill, here are some satellite photos taken from waaaaay out there and zoomed in on that you'll likely enjoy. A bit "Artsy" in night-time black and white but fascinating, nonetheless.

Any Ocotillo cactus will tell you - you gotta have SPIKES to protect your stem or some buffallo or camel is gonna chew you up! Ooops.. here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail....

Pines near the desert - shadows at evening....

The Superdome (look towards the upper left corner) is probably best forgotten for now. So forget it.

Forgotten or not what's a Big City without a freeway system? "The Loop" where we can all park and chat on our cell phones for a couple of hours per day?

Now here's a fun picture - nothing like a power blackout to bring out the personality of a big city - right? Even the average Terrorist (or taxi driver) could locate a given building with a good map.

An ancient ocean view but you see this all over the desert, particularly New Mexico of course.


There are many more pictures availabl [CLICK THE HEADLINE] Pictures of seashells, what appear to be masks, engine parts, junkyard items, and lots and lots of sand. That's not uncommon in the Sonora.... but these pictures?

These pictures are all from MARS. Each and every last one of them..... Mars.. you know, waaaaaay out there.

WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE WATER?....NASA ain't talkin' Not a word. Infrasrructures, domes, mining operations, cranes, freeways, subways, cities....... all desolate and dark. Yet it's all right there in front of us to see. This October another Mars mission is going to work its way up-close and personal. Close enough to read a license plate. Boy, are there going to be some questions THEN! But then again, if some predictions hold true, we may all be very busy at that time with Earth Stuff. But still.......WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE WATER?...

One explanation may be pictured below. Looks like Sedona from 30,000 feet, right? Red Rocks? Green stuff? Criss-crossed roads? Stare at it for a while. The colors are untouched, the photo is brightened a bit and waaaaay zoomed in.

It's a close-up of a very long crack in the planet. A huge CANYON if you would, centered around what appears to be a cave - maybe MANY caves in that canyon which is thousands of miles long. The water? My bet is that it is way down inside those caves and that if you could get in there you would find most of the oxygen on Mars as well.

And while we're in the Science Fiction mode, let's imagine that there is WARMTH in those caves from volcanic activity. And mushrooms and fungus and snails and little squirelly things that go outside at night and leave trails amongst the ocotillos. Little Elves in little jam sessions, just like the house down the street--- "Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Wierd and Gilly - and The Spiders From Mars".

If you can imagine even part of that then you can wrap yourself around this concept; That amongst the ruins and desolation of a destroyed planet, there is LIFE on Mars.

NASA ain't talkin'



Anonymous said...

Satellite, what am I doing right now???

"Smile! We're all on satellite surveillence"

Bob Gately said...

Jeez, RonCooCo-Pilot...Come on over an share that Bud!...We been goin there for the past 22 years now with our Cowboys en jars and have accumulated several banker boxes of speculation on this subject. In our show we amature astronomers on Earth discover a ancient Crystal Pueblo in the area of Mons Olympus on Mars and on arrival envelope it with a BuckyBioDome and turn it into our Mall where ya'all will live in the NASA/Airstream inspired trailer park to party an perform.

I'm still lookin for the geeks(s) that will figger out the contest that will help us to find this anomoly via NASA daily downloads of photos an get this show on the road. (By the way, that walkin stick you got reminds me of the one Evel Kneival use to come to Dr. Munchies with carrying his pain killers in )

Brother Bills son, Billy just came by an I gotta fly with him for a while...Got mo to add....Later....Gately

Mariah Fleming said...

We may be on satellite surveillence but who says we've gotta smile?

Hey Ron, you would probably know if this is true...I've been told that the military satellites can see actual faces and identify what's going on in someone's house from the sky. Sounds far fetched, uber-Orwellian, but then nothing surprises me anymore!

If they see into my house the least they can do is send a crew to help me clean it!! (o: said...

Some of the websites I have been writing for in the past couple of years get a lot of email from readers - a lot of the info comes from email addresses and servers that can't be traced. We regard them as "spooks". Often they are genuine humans trying to help. Just as often they are Military/CIA/FBI "Ops" (paid operators) who are supposed to keep us awed, scared and easy to keep under control. Some of them I have been able to befriend to the degree that I can believe and trust what they say, So.......

YES, Big Brother has satellites that will do what you have described. Further, there are some that "see" in the infra-red and ultra-violet ranges beyond our human range of vision. They can for instance, spot the "signature vibration" (image) of Cannabis Sativa being grown and they can spot it RIGHT THROUGH YOUR ROOF which has an inert vibrational frequency. Google Kirillian Photography.

You want help cleaning your house? Become a Political Activist and grow some pot. They'll arrive in black, nearly silent helicopters surrounded with "white noise" and they'll give you a hand. You'll be able to tell they are coming when you suddenly fel like you are going deaf.

Now, where did I put that pipe???...


Mariah Fleming said...

I am laughing out loud! You made my (long and tedious) night, Ronco! Thanks! Think I'll clean my own house, on second thought!

Bob Gately said...

So what ? Who dos'ent need their house cleaned ? Seeds in the rug, rug a dub dub...Spy's in the sky's ? Bears in the Air...So Fookin what, its their movie and we could be ,The Stars...FBEye, Cee-My/I-Ass...So what ? Just another dead end for a bunch of clueless Cops cant wait for their next Perp Walk/NEWS at 10 Moment/Promotion to GS15.. Hey, at least they get pay and a pension...We should be so funkey/lucky....As Danny the Greek in Tempe says, I tried to join paranoids anomynomis, but they would'nt tell me where the meeting was. Dah ?

RWG, Aqui, under surveillence, Swinging on a Star.

Bob Gately said...

Hey, Ron....Gotta get a moment or two with you and talk n write about this Water on Mars concept....I thought we gotta live on recycled pee till we hit a gusher, maybe in the premafrost of the poles...Quicker the better than when the pee breaks down and becomes Toxic to humans ? Way up West is gonna be interesting and I'd rather go there then be in Today. An yo can drink a Salute to that .....

Fondly,....RWG said...

Yo Bob.....

Whew! In the words of The Incredible String Band; "Whatever you think, it's more than that".. repeated several times. I get into mental loops thinking about stuff like this. Marty Manning has been waiting for years to watch me blow a fuse creating a Perpetual Motion Machine.. and funny thing is, somebody is about to beat me to it. My version is a wheel within a wheel with magnets opposing each other over a short gap and a couple of other magnets used to regulate the speed. Who knows?

Point is when I get into brain-burners like that I go someplace in my head that says "No, you can't go there" and I almost black out. Shades of Zappa - "Who are the brain police"?

We can talk on my nickle if you wanna email me your number.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WATER? Well your observation about the Martian permafrost caught my attention. I read an analysis of it by some guy who says the SPIRALS in the permafrost are caused by the rotation of the planet and the melting and re-freezing if the ice & snow. My take on it is; Sure, NOW it does that - but I believe the original spirals were caused by something far more humongous.

I have two theories; 1. The water we have here on Earth was once on Mars. A planetary collision eons ago MAY have moved much of the water...... along with seashells, animals, flora and fauna [[[AND US]]] - our ancestors.... to Earth.

Theory 2. I believe that WATER (since it supports and maybe even causes life) water, is FAR more valuable than what we can imagine, to The Universe and ready?.... I believe MOST of the water on Mars was STOLEN by a very advanced civilization that wanted to use it. Yes.... I know I am crazy but it's kept me out of jail all these years. Even the State Psychs won't mess with me.

Imagine this Bob... A "black hole in space" the Galactic version of the Shop Vac - comes along and sucks up all the water and anything that floats.. into an ice ball in space. Ice ball and all it's contents including the rock lobsters and fish and pine trees and seeds and a bunch of DNA all goes sailing off to Vega and Circle K starts a new chain of stores, somewhere.

The only ingredient in this equation that cannot be evaluated is TIME and if your civilization doesn't have to hassle with clocks, what's a millenia or two here and there?

If theory #2 is anywhere CLOSE to Truth, we here on Earth may be in for a helluva ride someday.

I CAN'T WAIT for October when the Mars Rover's new mission starts to report back. I WANNA KNOW if the missing seas on Mars were SALTY. That may be what has saved our asses so far. Salt pollution.

Have a Margarits. And yes Frank - Who ARE the Brain Police?

Ronco said...

PS..... Just Googled this - Margaritas on Mars IS possible..

Martian salt adds to case for ancient water - Return to the Red ...
NASA’s Spirit rover has found concentrated salt below the surface of Mars, offering
more evidence of past water activity. - 41k - similar pages


Bob Gately said...

So OK, wheres the cactus juice, limes, salt is just the savor on the Rim.

So, If water is just the gods way of helping man get around, and their is water (H2O) frozen within organisms still cruising round an round, out there, an mad cow is not PMS by another name, or, whats next ?

I would hope Ron that all our hyposisis are Kosher,, I'd like to think that we are going to be advanced enough in knowledge in 110 years that its will be moot, cause as Frank said, (or was it Firesign) "How can we be in two places at once ?"

Call 24/7, 602 795-6705...Always awake, always wonderin....RWG

Bob Gately said...

Boy, where we goin wid dis ? All the water on this Earth came from somewhere else. It' s all still here, aint gone elsewhere...ya think there is another stash out there waiting to land an start another chain of life, aqui ? So, whats the DNA in that play ? Six legged bears, two peckered goats, humans with quad ears ? Wherefore goes stereo FM ? Radio ? What if THEY are already here ? Gulp ! What if They call themselves....Clear Channel ?

Last time I saw Tim Leary alive,I asked him whats next...He said,"Tune in, turn on an....TAKE OVER !" Easier said then done.

Lots to think about....RWG said...

Leary's ORIGINAL suggestion was "Turn on, Tune in. Drop out." Acid and Political Activism don't mix. Actually NOTHING mixes with Political Activism. You can't be elected unless you can be blackmailed, first.


Mariah Fleming said...

Yo RWG! RWG as in "So, whats the DNA in that play ? Six legged bears, two peckered goats, humans with quad ears ? Wherefore goes stereo FM ? Radio ? What if THEY are already here ? Gulp ! What if They call themselves....Clear Channel ?"

So the mystery of Clear Channel is solved!! Y'all are writing such interesting, thoughtful and clever stuff and putting up such cool photos, articles and links! That billboard for KCAC Lives is too much!! Love it!

But now, instead of checking the last couple of posts and replies every day I am controlled by some magnetic force (the combination of all of you I'm sure!) that bids me to scroll to the bottom of the page each day. And I usually discover NEW gems that were not there the last time I looked!! How can a gal keep up!!??

Sheesh! And I'm still working out how to post a photo! HAH! C'est la vie!

P.S. A couple of blog people have asked me if I am "Anonymous." Nah, but I am "AnonyMUST." (o:

P.P.S. Are the "Blog People"an actual species of alien beings??? Let's start a rumor!! Faux News is bound to run with it! And it's the kind of stuff Geraldo lives for!

Mariah Fleming said...

P.P.P.S. And what am I doing up at 5 am on this blog? CASE IN POINT!!

Bob Gately said...

Mariah, Indeed we have become an editors worst nightmare, our sleep is full of witty, profound replys to the stimuli this MonsterBlog has engendered....Feed the Beast...Give em meat to chew on and regergatate endlessly...Dont gag ! Giggle and count the blessings that come from having such a forum to express the depressing, delightful in our times. We have lives so long to be here...Now ?

Keep cookin, Babe...


Bruce Frank said...

Yea Mariah how can one keep up with this... dont you people have day jobs... with retirement. I found myself up at 4AM this morning... posted something and now after going back to bed, haveing a very heavy but delightful dream... I'm back only to discover this delighful inspiring thread/rant is still alive, perhaps taking on a life of its own... but still about to drop off the ol blog... forever religated to the archives. instead of evaporating and drifting off into space like the Marsian water, like our water will millions of years down the road... sometime before we spirial into the sun... there must be some way to keep the thread alive... and near the surface... if only for phrobative and entertainment reasons... ummm a discussion thread... hit replay, go back to the top with the whole thread... but, the thread hidden to save space.. but click able to open the whole thread again, for those wanting to check it out or continue it... both, visitors and/or partisipants... [pairapants... how come bra is singular if pants are plural...]
might ad some entertainment value to keep visitors here once we get em. People could choose to have RFP play in the background while they brows the site, which they can do already if they open 2 browser windows, but you could offer it in a little cross promotion... Yea i understand theres some limits when you dont own and run your own site and server but something to think about.
Maybe the CIA could help us out if we linked to each others site... I'm sure theyed be just as interrested in what were doing as we'd be in what there doing. LOL
I need more coffee.
Bob... thanks for the feedback 'stream of dream'... i hit a phycic loop, or somethig as if the reader or someone [the dead?] were looking over my sholder and i could feel the feedback,vibes as i wrote acording to what i wrote and as i changed it... i posted right away at that point, without changing anything else... just to see.. what?
if the thread was/would stay alive.
Ron knows what I'm talkin about... i started to resd his book.
well enough for now.

Mariah Fleming said...

Bruce, you ask "pairapants... how come bra is singular if pants are plural...?"

1. Darn good question!
2. How come they sell 'bras' for cars?3. You invented a new word, Bruce!
"Pairapants" just sorta rolls off the tongue!!