Monday, August 28, 2006

KCAC lives!

KCAC lives!
Well let me say this about that….
I just picked up the thread and read all the posts… I can feel ya.. Really.. There’s energy [and light] in them words [and them beautiful minds and spirits that write them] and they touch places we don’t visit all the time. There is a feeling of frustration too, and reaching out for a outlet for this energy to do something positive, that I feel too… build a monument, promote peace, leave a time capsule, help a friend, get high and feel good, create a community event for good times, awareness and publicity, build a financial and PR engine [foundation] to help create and herald the future, transcend time & space, through drugs and meditation, to evolve and seek help in the future to share with us now… through both public and private efforts and deeds...
Well that’s it… Its all good, all beautiful and all in the spirit of what we do. Even misguided, short-lived efforts, to help, like a house of cards, or castles made of sand, can do temporary good… sometimes a misguided path lead to a better path just because you started somewhere, like rain, to rivers, to the sea… and its still all in the spirit of that one, simple commandment, ‘Do no harm’.
[not many understood that so they broke it down into 10 commandments… not many understood that so now we have vast legal libraries trying to explain it… not many understood that so now we got greedy self-serving people saying… its not illegal… and I’m not a crook!… and people who don’t know harm from right and wrong from left unless they read it in a book.]
All good and all to be tried, not one at the exclusion of any others, cause in sum total, we are putting out a lot of good energy and ideas that reach others not directly involved with us. We can surely bite off more ideas that we can chew, so to speak, but who’s to say they’re our ideas or that they must be chewed by us.
Hey… fuck these lame words,… wow I just felt that… just then/now when I wrote that as if someone was looking over my shoulder… maybe you who are going to read this my heart is realy beating and I feel something stiring… guess that means I’ll post it… now… Oh…

I’ve seen the power, and trans-formative energy of just two minds sharing the spirit… it just reaches out and touches [innocent?] people at a distance… you may not be aware of it, but it happens, and I don’t mean like shit happens, I mean like matter responds to consciousness happens… I mean like… if you change the way you look at the world, you change the world you look at… happens!
Sharing the spirit is communicating, sharing ideas and truth, investigating the mysteries of life together, looking for ways to improve ourselves and the life we share. In the 60’s we called it conscious raising and sometimes it sounded like arguing… sometimes like everybody talking all at once… and it sure sounds like what were doing here!

Mariah, I’m glad you shared your experience regarding Bill and his death, That was a heavy experience… beautiful and inspiring and I don’t know why you would be reluctant…and it dose show how people and happenings can reach out and touch people at a distance and it sure sounds like Bill. There’s more going on than meets the eye.
I’ve felt friends and family leaving [sat right up out of a sound sleep when my nephew was murdered and knew something troubling just happened] and didn’t know what it was till it was verified later... your experience with your friend was similar. Makes me think of what Ron offered about the dead never realy leaving us just changing states or reuniting. They are still all here with us, and you know that now.
I believe were all here to help, share and grow. so… let me share this.. it aint as beautiful and leaves some mixed emotions… so I don’t talk about it much but it was real at the time… about a night with friends and family in the commune like atmosphere we shared in them days and a very nice trip in progress for me, probably Ozzly or sunshine, and found myself in bed with this very beautiful lady [to me] that I really had feelings for and desired. I thought this moment was destiny if not magic… and we would share love with the angles.. like life depended on it… or at least make love like sensual, erotic animals… Well I was tripin and it didn’t… and we didn’t. She didn’t think it was appropriate and left. It make me feel disappointed, but not mad. [Andy told me long ago… Ya know Opie…some times it just don’t work, now I know… about E.D.] I lay there lost in my thoughts and desires… horny as hell with a ragin hardon… and in my mind I saw this woman being raped.. Somewhere else, beyond my reach?, by someone else and yes it really disturbed me too. Man, that really changed my mood, like that. That’s not what I would wish for or enjoy… and I felt bad, even guilty for what might have happened. I felt a cause and effect connection and I realized that though maybe I could handle my feeling and emotions maybe someone else felt them at a distance and couldn’t…
that with power and influence came the need for control and responsibility.

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Perhaps connected to your post - perhaps not, Bruce but Arizona is indeed a Magic Land. It is the only place I know of for instance, where a sundial is always correct.

In my various adventures there 1969-82 I came across repeated stories of Native Americans meeting up with misfortune in the cities -- Flag, Phoenix, Tucson and so on. Story goes that the various sherrif's deputies assigned to the reservations would go look up the families of the deceased only toi be greeted with; "Oh yes, my son stopped by last night to tell us he had died - we had a beer and played some checkers before he left".

This was usually a day or so AFTER the death many miles away.

What you feel is quite real. I feel the presence of many friends at different times - usually in the place the other side of here and this side of dreams.


Bruce Frank said...

Wow... that sundial is better than my watch... its never right.
I got a broken watch thats right twice a day! LOL
Ya know that space... between here and there you talk about... sometimes you can even smell it.
LOL and really

Bob Gately said...

Yea Bruce...What a great stream from the dream world, this is really a wonderful shared experience we should be thinking of making a book out of....Keep thinking...your a balm on our old soul...