Thursday, August 17, 2006


About TEN or more people logged in during a 3-hour chat last night, spanning much of the US and Hawaii. The last few screens are archived by Gabby and you can check it out by clicking the headline above.

Fun? How much fun can you have in front of a computer keyboard? It was great and will be repeated. Heck, some of us have webcams and COULD do a Netmeeting - usually reserved for CEO's - but Crazy Old Hippies can do stuff too!

GREAT idea, Daniel!

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vagabondvet said...

Hey, it WAS a lot of fun! And Barry from Rebirth showed up, too! What a surprise, and a kick in the ol' memory.

Thanks go to Jimmy for adding the chat feature, it's really his idea, I just decided to post a request to use it. Too bad he didn't make it to the "fest." Maybe next time, eh Jimmy?

It was neat to gab with everyone. We'll have to do it again.