Monday, August 07, 2006

KCAC Photo Album Updated...


Ron just emailed me a bunch of pictures, and I downloaded some that have been posted here recently, and then I uploaded them to the Bill Compton Pictures album. There are three pages of pictures now, so look for the 1, 2 and 3 links. There's also a link to that album in the Community section in the left sidebar. Some of the pictures don't have proper labels (e.g. 1-2-3 or something similar), so if you'd care to suggest a label for a picture, please email me and I'll change it. Also, if you have additional pictures you'd like me to post to the album, email those to me.




Mariah Fleming said...

I have a music poster of me circa KCAC/KDKB (those were the good gig days for acoustic music!) My scanner is not big enough to scan it...I'll see what I can do. Thanks for everything you're doing!
Keep the faith! We can do this.


Bob Gately said...

Cool stuff...Some shots were at Phoenix Municipal Stadium..What year was that ? We, with KRIZ did a show there in 70 or such with the Beach Boys, Goose Creek an others..Tom Story got mucho photos of that one...This is fun !

Dave Deerhake said...

Ron, I wonder how many remember the double decker bus trips around PHX with kegs and other shindig support items, designed (at a moments notice) (actually no notice what-so-ever)to light up an otherwise boring, quiet AZ night. The one and only true magic bus. said...

I think the spirit of Ken Kesey; "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" may have been loosened on The Valley. At that time I was living in my old school bus - about the same vintage as Kesey's which is how I got the job driving the double-decker in the first place. My bus was an old blue version perfectly described by Jim Morrison in "The End". Actually there were several of the double-decker buses. The London Bus the "Magic" bus - owned by Kachina Village, The Royal London Wax Museum bus, another one with the Kachina Village company in Sedona and one that I drove from L.A. to Phoenix by way of Lake Havasu. I am one of the very few Americans who can state that he drove an English Double-Decker bus over London Bridge.

The whole experince lacked a climax though... a bit like listening to "A Day In The Life" without the piano creshendo at the end, ya know? As always, it was the music that made it all happen with the bus, just like with KCAC.

It's always the music. Truly without music and art, I believe God would have done away with us all, eons ago.


Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Ron,
Entertaining and're such a good storyteller. I have vague memories of the bus, not sure if I was ever on it. At least in the physical sense. (o: Been a long time since I thought about the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test. Read it numerous times when I was in my teens.

Your sentiment about God, music and arts touched my pointed little heart (o: Without music and art we don't have to challenge our minds or allow our emotions to go where they will with the music/art we experience.

It's such a sad and short sighted thing in our present culture that funding is cut for arts and music in schools and cities. Huge corporate entities tightly control "freedom of expression" and feed us what they want to sell, not what makes us experience our own thoughts and feelings. Recent immigration controls make it difficult for foreign artists to perform in the US anymore. Well, egads, we CAN"T be allowed to experience too much other cultural music and art.

I just remebered something regarding your sentiment that relates to when I worked and lived in France in the mid 80's. That's where I first learned firsthand about insane violent fringe religious sects - different names, with the same underlying precepts.

I was acquainted with some people who fled to France rather than have forced upon them the hateful fringe "religiosity" which forbade music, arts, literature, education for women etc. etc.
This blindness/fear/hatred of music and arts may be key to the reason some of the misguided "devout" are capable of such brutality and objectificaton of humanity.

How ironic that we have religious agendas being put into government policy here and a smug intolerance for those who don't believe God will give us "breaking news coverage" of the end of time."The revolution will not be televised!" Neither will the Apocalypse, sorry Fox, CNN etc.
Have you seen those folks salivate over the very possibility? Bizarro world to the extreme!

As we try to 'open up societies to be free' to think and do as they wish, here at home not fitting into some tight categories of fringe Christian belief is considered utterly ignorant, un American and, well, downright damnation.

In my mind I hear strains of Buffy St Marie's "God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot." For me the song celebrates the bliss of the incomprehensibe without defining what it is supposed to be! After all, "God" no matter whose God it is, is a "Mystery." Even extreme evangelicals admit that. So why do they think they can second guess God's plans for end of the world??

Just some early morning thoughts...gee I miss those long sets on KCAC/early KDKB that presented questions and left us nodding our heads as we stayed transfixed, listening to every word, feeling every nuance of the lyrics, tone, vibration of the least RFP is keeping the torch lit.

A stream of consciosness entry for ya' in the spirit of Kesey (o: Hope I didn't get too carried away...

It's a beautiful is a gift. So let's get this reunion show on the road and once again experience the gift of community we all crave!
It's happening...keep your eyes and ears open!

Fran Bennett said...

There is a reason universities don't offer degrees in "Conservative Arts". Generally, such "arts" are effected with propaganda and explosives... usually the domain of people with teeny brains and large mouths.

Can you imagine how things would be if the Karl Roves of the world used their undeniable skills for the betterment of humanity? We'd have the cleanest most peaceful planet in the universe.

But noooooooo... At least we have our music:) said...

I have a lady friend who lives in a motor home, who stayed with us a few months in the back yard here. Name is JJ. Her dad was in the oil business and consequently, she spent her teen years in Iran. She KNOWS these people.

To synopsize her philosophy; 'We CAN help these people embrace Democracy, we CAN convert them to Christianity, we CAN make them love us and live just like us..... Just go over there and bomb the hell out of them'.


Mariah Fleming said...

Wow. And all this time I thought it was about the music! (o: If WEC were king of the world the planet's anthem would be "Witchi tai to-Everything is Everything"

By the way, love the cartoons posted! You all are putting some amazing things on the website!! It's fun to see what new piece of nostalgia lands there every day! THANK YOU!