Saturday, August 19, 2006

DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshot: SALVIA "Sally" DIVINORUM

This ain't even your Daddy's Caddy zooming down the road with "Rock N' Roll" by Led Zepplin on the CD player.

That's a NICE way of saying meet Sally. But don't be fooled, Sally IS NOT a recreational drug. Sure - it's LEGAL. That in and of itself, makes it almost Sacred. But there's a REASON Peyote cactus doesn't have thorns - it doesn't NEED them. Sally doesn't NEED legal sanctions because you gotta be Wholy, holee Holy to even want to TRY it. It ain't Pot, it ain't psylocybin, it ain't ecstacy, smack or even laughing gas. It ain't FUN, per se but it IS introspective. Sally is an extremely intense and extraordinarily personal experience that few people are really READY for.

Understand I have not personally tried it YET but have a sample sitting in my safe, vibrating its welcome. I know a few who have had the experience. If you want a free sample contact Tim Moss at his website. Over 100,000 others have checked it out as well. Tim & his wife Irene run a Bed & Breakfast outside of Austin, Texas. You can go there and camp in a wigwam/teepee if you like.

Here's Tim BEFORE Sally (below-left).

Here's Tim AFTER several years and numerous "dances" with Sally.

Salvia is of the SAGE family of herbs, is the stuff of legends amongst the Shamans of Mexico and South America. It's not for seasoning fish or poultry although you might find yourself attending some "New Age" seminars where they are burning "Sage" knowingly as if it were sacred incense. NOT the same sage as Salvia and you will probably find yourself coughing and wheezing just as if somebody were burning SAGE in the room.{gaaaaak} This is the same semi-idiot mentality whose ancestors had us smoking banana peels back in the 1960's. Anything, as long as it's "safe" and not real.

Our own Bruce Frank (to whom this article is dedicated) has had a recent First Experience with Salvia.

Bruce Frank said... Now salvia 'Sally' i have met, in one very breif but phyical encounter. near total disconnect i was concious but i didnt know where or when.. I felt over powerd but i liked it. Ive had anastetics that didnt come on so strong... and then it was over. I picked up my dick, smiled...ummm think I'll be seing her again. Sally left near as fast as she arrived but i still had another hour left on my dance card. I knew id never forget her... or you Ron, so just treat her right for me if you see her.
Thanks... Bruce

Having done considerable homework and with thanks to Wonderful Russ for these Wonderful pictures, I will attempt to describe the experience in layman's terms;
The first universally described part of the experience is what I call "the disconnect" a complete if brief, separation from time. Nothing to it, probably like doing The Time Warp for the first time. For real.
Timeshifting can be an enlightening experience and morphing into self-idscovery can be well.... a stretch. Somewhere in this less than-an-hour experience, you will likely feel and for some, see the presence of what has been described as "Sally".
That is to say, a feminine companion on at least a spiritual level - a "guide" or "visitor" that some might suggest is the separation of one's masculine and feminine entities. Complete and oh so briefly, forever.
It's not an easy or even likely thing to adjust to and for the Shaman, there may be a message delivered. But for the initiate, anything can happen.
HERE is the image of what Tim describes as himself AFTER an encounter with "Sally". I recall this as the spittin' image of Mescalito which I encountered on my first peyote trip in 1962. Mescalito - the demon/god/trickster of the peyote world. Wish I had paid more attention then.

So if you wanna wander down towards Austin and Houston and camp in a wigwam for a night or two..... And if you are into motorcycles and would maybe like to have an epicurian dinner of Saladia (barbecue smoker available). And if you would like to take home a tattoo from the Simple Comfort Campground - to show off at the office, then give a cut/paste/click and what the hell........ Meet Sally.


Bob Gately said...

Wonderful ! A drug that is legal and that is purely, AWE inspiring!... The mystic does indeed swim in the waters the psy chotic drowns in...But why is a Drug/Herb necessary to see clearly the state of the Universe, as we are un-known to it ?....As a 100% pure Irishman, I say, all it takes is a hit of bourbon and a bud to know that life is difficult and exciting...Thus, who needs a B n B in Texass to experience the Infinate mystery...Sell/tell me mo.

We hung with
Tim & Mana in the 60's...Made music with the hip, slick an cool in the seventies, died a natural death in the eighties, went nowhere in the ninties, all without your new, next powerful substance of the Now. So ? Sell me, tell me mo. Hey Ron, you buyin it ? Tryin it ? Will SSI pay for it ?

Met a lot of
Sallys in me day, what did they do for me that a great ole lady didnt do...Soothe my soul, set me to a goal...sung sweet songs that got us through ,to the morn. Are we really ready for that,"extremely intense and extrodinarily personal experiences that Few People are really,REALLY READY for...I can only wonder, wonder what Herb/Drug ever done for us what just livin and wonder did for us...Indeed, Beware of the Pusher Man. Nina Simone, back in NYC in the Sixties told my ole lady an me to, Beware of the Pusher man.

So, on this site, I add my insight, go ahead and Buy it...whatta ya got lose, gain by trying the Pusher Mans Game...A headache, a revelation, a truly mystic experance that will make you too Wonderful at the game of Life ? For now, I'll sip me kentucky spirits and watch as the plot unfolds. As a Wonderful once said on the KDKB air, " I dont care about your trip, Buddy, I'm calling the Cops!"...(Not really) An yes, I've had a 62 Caddy an been stoned on the road to Taos. said...

Well, hell Bob, you have poetically defined the whole thing yourself without coming out and SAYING it.... Salvia Divinorum ain't for everybody. Nobody wants a bum trip by any means but when you are LOOKING for something, you shine a light in every corner. Hey, Jim Beam is GOOD but I personally prefer Royal Salute by Courvosier(sp). But had it not been for Scott Niccolson years ago, I would have never even HEARD of Royal Salute. Betcha can't eat just one.

Different Strokes - and this is only one of a jillion. One that perhaps deserves a Fair Warning to the shitheads out there that wanna do it because themselves to be invincible.

Happiness Is a Predictably Pleasent High.


Liz Boyle said...

Ahhhh, lovely !
An Irish Poet added to the mix.

Stirring and profoud.
Thanks for the insight, Bob.