Saturday, August 05, 2006


VERY RARE picture on the left of Bill Compton long before the radio days of KVIL in Dallas, KRUX, KCAC and KDKB in Phoenix. This pic is about 1966 or even earlier, possibly before his tenure with Hank Cookenboo at the radio station in Tyler. Even then, the charisma was evident. June Johnson at the time was writing poetry and songs that Bill was a part of.

To the right, a picture of the main members of the Compton Family, although there was an older brother if memory serves. This shot I believe was taken at the Hubble Street House about a block away to the East from Dan Covington's and a couple of blocks North of the Alwun House. Jean Compton "The Lady" is shown in this photo, taken in 1974. Carole Compton is on the right. Probably one of the most cordial, famously hospitable families you could know.

Now........ Aren't you glad you came?

Picture courtesy of June Johson - scanned and archived by Andy Olson.

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