Monday, August 07, 2006


KCAC's very first on-air DJ at Wallic's Music City. Scott has been a lifelong friend of many and seems to have a poetic insight into the Human Condition that very few people get to enjoy... or suffer from, depending on your point of view. The only detectible sign of aging in this man, is his Fu-Man-Chu marking in the streaking of his beard. His choice of playground equipment has become more sophisticated over the years.

PHOTO: Taking a break from The Mad Hatter's Tea Party in 2006 - picture, courtesy of Don Johnson.


Mariah Fleming said...

This is great stuff! Keep it up! Isn't it great that Andy Olson has so much wonderful, rare, archival material? Keeping the flame alive...kudos, fellow travelers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks, Sorry to say that the picture posted on the left is not me or Bill Compton. The picture on the right is me and was taken at a beautiful park in Quebec City, Canada where I now live half of the year. said...

Hey Scott Hmmmmmm.. well Carole Compton-Glenn, Bill's Sister, seems to think the guy on the right MAY be an early version of Dennis McBroom doing his Scott Niccolson impersonation. The guy on the left if not Bill, is another image lost to cyberspace but MAY be her cousin. I'll leave that one up and see if anyone admits to being who they once were. Meanwhile if you have an Early Days picture of yourself, it would be great to post it. I will wait for that. Would love to see a before/after of Mike Kollassa as well, if he is part of your world.

PS.... Hang on to that Royal Salute if you have any left. Beats Southern Comfort hands down!
Ronco said...

PART II... You were right (of course), Scott. Carole Compton-Glenn nailed it .. she writes; "Wow! about some flashes from the past! These include a photo of my cousin, Johnny Baker (who has passed away), Steve Zind (now works for NPR), Nina Joy, I think one may be a very young Dennis McBroom, and a couple of Daniel Muth and Dwight Tindle.

Thanks for sharing them,

SOOOoooooo We still don't know who the Scott Niccolson Impersonator is but He is GOOD, ain't he?

I need an Early photo of you to replace that one with when you can send it..

Machos Grossness, Sen~or!