Saturday, August 19, 2006

KCAC lives!

Greetings KCAClives
What a beautiful bunch of talented, inspiring, and caring human beings you are, here on this KCAClives site. Hope I didn’t bore, offend, or otherwise stink up the site {what topic} or a cheerful courtesy sniff is promised each and every one of you!
Daniel… my beloved brother and teacher… it started with you reappearing after all these years, still alive and kicking… and then steering me here to this beautiful inspiring bunch, still alive and kicking. What a good month its been so far.
I seldom write this much anymore but I seldom have so many people I admire and respect to share with. Ron thanks your considered and levelheaded input. Dan, hope to see you soon for Joe’s memorial… wish he could be there with us.. I’m heading back to Prescott tonight and can be reached there
Bruce Frank….
Just keep on keeping on, would ya Good things will happen.

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Hey Bruce you can be ANYWHERE and be everywhere nowadays. Most any computer, most any mouse most any keyboard in most any house.

If in doubt, just follow the Love - it will always bring you home.


Bob Gately said...

Yup, Ron you can even have a Rat by the tale (a mouse is a morsal, not a meal to a fat cat) and tell a story that will get you a cheesy response...But what I'm lovin bout this BlogBoogie is the Spirit that enthusas it...Billy Lives, thus we are live !

Bruce, you do us the honor of your presence..Yup, bunch of Early Arizona Thinkers and Drinkers with a place to blink, blink and think some more bout where we're coming from and why the grave is only a sure thing option, delayed only by ACCESS and Blue Sheild. Here, we have another shot at having a Voice heard round a world we are still a part of , yet not a force in. So what...whats this blog about but our lonely, loud voices speaking from a void we cant avoid. Rock on Motherfuckers, and Mommas still making their Daddys beds and cooking their Hot Pockets for breakfast, cleaning the piss off the lid, feeding the kids, kicking the dog when he wets on the rug. Rock on...As my ole Pal n employer, Da Wolfman Jack use to say, "Who Loves ya Baby ?"...

There is a lot of Love on this Blog...The exchange of current conflicts layered upon a past well lived is indeed an inspiration to us suckers sucked into an obscurity we have well enjoyed...Da Blog is indeed an awakeing from our sucker slumber that acknowledges that we did make a mini/minor difference in an age when the word, the song, the script made a difference. Hey, something, somebody, stopped that ole Asian War, not by force of arms but by power from the people. Hey, ya want no War...Lets hear the Roar of the crowd, the anger and angst of a People with a Purpose, Rock on Mother, Speak truth to the Power and put em in their proper place...Un-Elected...Re-jected and Re-tired to political obscurity.

Whoa...We are talking to the Brain Dead consumers we have raised on Visa and MasterBator "ThingsCards". Get your Big Screen , HERE!, Yo Hummer, HERE ! Sell me a something, anything that will make my Dick hard for a moment, make me, "attractive" , a Chick/Dick magnet for my times, I am Now, you are past, paying for my prick/clit to perform for the masses of Today...
I am guilty too of your excesses but, Hey, If ya wanna play, ya pay. Go Figger how the Niggers Played, and survived.

Da Blues we play today an boogie down on was paid for on the backs of Slaves that didnt know no better...White Guys didnt make the Muddy Waters, but later, Guys like WEC made em pay the royalitys they were due, how, by the station log. Dah.

Nice rant ha, Ron...Bruce, Dan, et al...Later, I got a Woman to feed...


vagabondvet said...

Howdy, Bruce,

Getting back in touch with you has been a real kick for me, too. So many memories of that period of my life. Still learnin' and growin', on a good day, but those post-Vietnam years (I was in 'Nam in '66, discharged in '68, joined Rebirth in '69) were very important ones for me. I had had the rug pulled out from under me, so to speak, by the whole Vietnam thing, and was searching for sanity and something I could latch onto, something I could trust a little bit. I'm not too sure I found sanity at Rebirth (no, don't even bother going there!), but I sure found something real and meaningful, something with heart and soul, something to trust - and with that compass I was able to steer a course forward in life. It has served me pretty well most of the time, and those times it hasn't were usually because I wasn't paying attention. Oh, damn, I'm off course again!

Those feelings of community and common purpose permeated the counter-culture community then. There were a lot of altruistic projects going on, people were cooperating and feeling their oneness. Perhaps the certainty of our oneness and the power of our conviction weren't enough to usher in the Aquarian Age quite as quickly as we wanted, but we were young and fired up then, and wanted results NOW! Let's change the planet, let's start thinking about our mother, the earth, and treating her with some respect, let's quit being so greedy and adversarial, let's spend our energy wisely, on things that promote harmony and make life better for us, let's get educated and quit hurting each other! Ah, the eternal quest, eh?

But we did make a difference, and the ripples of our dabbling in the pool of karma are still spreading and lapping against shores we never dreamed of. And we're still splashing around in the pool.

I'm glad you decided to post some stuff here, and hope you'll find a way to get online from up in Prescott and keep it up.

Don't know anything yet about Joe's memorial, but I'll keep you posted.

Peace an' harmony...


Mariah Fleming said...

Good early morning y'all,
It's wonderful to connect with you again, Bruce, I don't know if you remember me. I sure do remember you and Rebirth and time at that great house though. I hope everyone continues to write and talk to each other.

Hope is contagious too, just like fear...only it's more useful. You all help to reignite my spirit. Every day I'm thankful this blog got started. It's a gift of inspiration to me.

Bob is right, we do have another shot at a "voice heard round the world." And, well, speaking of such ideas, I am currently working on a project that's been dear to my heart for years and it is coming to fruition.

It will help bring us together by celebrating human creativity and consciousness. I hope that all of you long lost brothers and sisters will send positive energy my way for this to happen and succeed on behalf of all of us.

With every thought and action we can still change the world! Bruce, you and your Rebirth Spirit know that first hand!! Yes, it is an honor to have you in our blogland.

Keep writing, keep hoping and think peace. It won't hurt, that's for sure!! Not speechless tonight, I am humbly:
"Your lady of perpetual encouragement."
P.S. Ron, I like that moniker! Did you survive catholic school like me?

Bob Gately said...

Yeah, Woman...You are Strong an we got to go along....Get it on an we will indeed follow.....RWG

Mariah Fleming said...

Ron, Dan, Bruce et all...

I just left something for you to read at the end of the section headed "Media Savvy Warriors" after reading all yout posts about consciosness, dreams, etc.