Saturday, August 05, 2006


"The Electrician" at KCAC - also in charge of Sales And Seduction at numerous KCAC and other corporate levels. Now living in Hawaii. Pictured here with John Robertson at a KDKB concert in 1974. Dan writes: That one is great, you can see 'Lucy in the sky ..." I think we had done a body meld, joined at the souler-plexes. The dog's name is "Hardcore" I just wanted a name that would get attention when I yelled it out my door, down the street, from Bill. The whole neighborhood, would hear the tall guy, yelling "HARD CORE!"

Photo courtesy of June Johnson, scanned by and archived with, Andy Olson

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David Deerhake said...

Dan Covington, Dave Deerhake, Bill Price on Palm Lane........1970?