Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Final Compton Terrace

On the time capsule, I like the idea of a plaque on the area we're calling Compton Green with just a website. That's really what we're building here. A time capsule people can open any time - and you don't have to bury your signed album covers! Just scan 'em.
But first, we have to get a Compton Green. It's true, the ditch Bill's fatal accident occurred in is now a pretty cool drive, with lots of grass and easy-does-it roundabouts to slow the cruise. It's a perfect tribute just waiting for Compton's name.
Russ, you're the real estate whiz. Who do we have to slip some Salvia Divinorum to in order to get this strip named Compton Green? Or Terrace, if that's not too redundant?
Then we can start having these get-togethers we all talk about - and a nice gold plaque to remind all who drive by the parties where the memories of this particular generation can be heard, seen and felt.
Come to think of it, secondly, we should secure a domain and a server we know will still be around in 100 years. Can we count on Google to keep Blogger up, running and accessible forever? A question for the new generation.


freespeak@gmail.com said...

I agree, this too is a great idea and should be part of the project... Like we are learning, there may be ADDITIONS that others will want to contribute and add to - like a museum. Old pics, (hey Pegi) reel-to-reel, casserres and even 8-tracks that are stashed lovingly away here and there throughout the valley, that are going to be rediscovered by Junior's Jr. - ya know? An enduring website WITH SOME KIND OD PHYSICAL ARCHIVE would certainly work. Nothing - particularly in data form - lasts forever.

CREATIVITY is part inspiration and part memory. Bill was a HUGE fan of Arthur C. Clarke/Stanley Kubrick's "2001 A Space Oddysey". I find it remarkable that we have all SURVIVED 2001 AND 1984 AND Vietnam and now the Mideast. We may be on the verge of "cancellation" of ALL data, awareness or memory recall of any kind, however. It is the nature of Change.

I am using Mariah's intuition and my own psychic "gifts" (just paying attention) to propose that in addition to a continually updated perpetual website, something PHYSICAL be created. Congress even now, is considering UNRAVELLING the Internet. Gotta find a way to TAX it of course.

(this is just coming to mind)
IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT and I could put up anything I wanted at the accident site - the park, it would be a huge black marble MONOLITH as in "2001" with Bills picture and other information etched into it indellibly. Further it would be big enough to offer SHADE in the park and further it would PLAY MUSIC continuously (if quietly) from the 1967 to 1977 era, over and over. Solar powered. Indestructible. A very friendly place to sit down, listen to music, make love. drink wine, maybe smoke a little weed and wonder what it might have been like to live in THOSE days.


Jimmy said...

And the monolith would have a USB port people could plug their mobile device into and download stuff. The physical and the digital together. Gotta love that.

Mariah Fleming said...

Great ideas guys! It's giving me goose bumps!

We need a millionaire...come on some of you now rich and famous who were sent on your spiral upward by the generous love and support of William Edward Compton-how about it?

Calling our counter culture heroes...

Bob Gately said...

Woah...You guys are getting WAYswell out there...I drove by the spot today and noticed that the Rockin R n G Rec area has a double gate that leads directly onto the greensward...Lots of parking there thats almost always empty...Whos got some juice with a Bill Shover type at the Republic ? Of course, Pat McMahan can open any gate in the Arizona universe if he would want to. Why not ask him. And, If the powers that be at KDKB dont get behind this then let em burn in a AZ clear channel hell.

The website exclusively for the Compton Green would be killer, Jimmy. Ya'all were thinking black monolith, my thoughts were Texas sandstone colored like Camelback red, rough and ready to take you back to the place it use to be. A shade wall of encircling sandstone with really, really fine words of WillyWisdom, wi-fi wired, where every visitor can create their own retro/radio experience, the now, RFP/KDKB and/or/also the comptongreen.net site. Now, Ron, if you would have those cool visuals to cook wid it ! Added Wow Value, indeed.

When our ole partner, Jon Sargent passed away a couple of years ago his Mom and brother gave me and his lady,Steph his ashes to dispurse. We flew to LA where Jon had settled after being a founding father of Greenpeace USA and produced the BBC Rock Hour for years and had a fine wake at his favorite West Hollywood water ing hole on Santa Monica Blvd.(There, we spread some of his mineral remains, mixed with some primo mexherbseeds in the cafes garden) The next early morning , Steph and me cruised down to Venice Beach on our way to LAX thinking we would give a bit of him back to the whales and found there a funky rock sculpture garden on the beach. It was just the kind of found art that Jon would have loved. Thus, while no one was looking we dug a pit and started to distribute Jon the Mineral back into the sand. No sooner had I opened the old copper cappichino maker he was stashed in then a brisk ocean breeze blew the cremains right into Stephs face. We had to laugh about that ! Blew us away again eh, Jon.

As we were walking back to the car we noticed a monolithic concrete wall with writing carved into it. an hey, what do you think it was but a tribute wall to the poets of Venice Beach! And at the top of the heap was a Jim Morrison piece. I think it was;"I have come from the land of the Lizard King". Well, WEC was our King of Cool and his words do deserve the respect Venice Beach gave to Jim.

Yeah, Jimmy, the physical & metaphysical
manifestations of The Man....Thats WOW !

Bobby G , Aqui

freespeak@gmail.com said...

The more experiences I have with computers and HACKERS, the more I like this idea! I was reading one of Bob's posts and suddenly got a complete lockup for NO reason.

I tried Task Manager and it wouldn't even come up. There may be several servers and proxy's in the loop before BLOGGER but why leave open doors?

YOWSUH Jimmy.. UB right on with this one!