Friday, August 11, 2006


Politically sacreligious T-shirt design by Dan Page.

(note inserted by Daniel: "...actually I just thought the pic of Bill would look good on a T-shirt; Jimmy M. came up with the Che Guevara part - Daniel")

THANKS TO RON for sending me this updated list to post on the site. Keep on adding names! The community is being renewed! How cool is that?! If you have a name or anything to add to an existing name send it to Ron Wortham or myself ( ( or anyone on the KCAC LIVES contributor's list so we can add it to this one. Or put a name in the comments section and we'll add it to this list.

(hyperlinked names will start a new email addressed to that person)

Adams, Lynne
Alves, Jack
Apicella, John
Arnold, Linda
Bailey, Jim
Baldwin, Mike
Baldwin, Russ
Bowen, Ray
Bell, Bob
Bennett, Fran
Bentley, Connie
Bethancourt, Joe
Boyle, Liz
Bradychocks, Julie
Cahal, John "Rebirth" (private - contact vagabondvet)
Carroll, Todd
Carter, Marsha
Carver, Sue
Clark, Doug
Compton, Bill (Deceased)
Compton-Glenn, Carole
Cookenboo, Hank (Deceased)
Covington, Dan
Crazy (Deceased)
Curtis, Mike
Davis, Marc (Terros)
DeGray, Helen
Deerhake, David
Dickinson, Ted
Dixon, John (Johnny D)
Drake George F. (Springfield, Mass?)
Duane the Guitar Player "Rebirth"
Dunn, Bob
Emery, Vince
English, Alton
English, Jerry "Magic"
Fenimore, David
Flannigan, Julie
Fleming, Mariah
Frank, Bruce "Rebirth"
Friedman, Barry
Frieflander, Karen
Galindo, Alicia
Gant, Pegi {Cookenboo}
Garneau, Joe "Rebirth" (Deceased)
Garneau, Larry "Rebirth" (Deceased)
Garneau, Michelle "Rebirth" (private - contact vagabondvet)
Gately, Bill (Deceased)
Gately, Bob
Geist, Barry "Rebirth"
Goodman, Mike
Grieger, Kathy "Rebirth"
Harris, Eric "Pappa"
Harris, Sue Fenner
Harshberger, Dan
Herbert, Kimmer
Holmes, Chuck
Hoyle, Rich
Johnson, Don
Johnson, June
Johnson, Mike "Rebirth"
Kerr, Jon
Kinsey, Gary "Toad Hall" (Deceased)
Kinsey, Filipa
Kollassa, Mike
Koors, Tim
Kothrade, Michael "Rebirth"
Lederman, Cindy
Lehr, Bob
Magahern, Jimmy
Manning, Marty
Martin, Peter
McBroom, Dennis
McCarty, Chris
McCarty, Steve
Mell, Ed
Migdoll, Susan
Moody, Kim (Alwun House)
Morrison, Barbara
Murray, Jim
Nadworney, Nina "Nina Joy"
Niccolson, Scott
Norton, Virginia
Nussbaum,Belle "Belle Starr"
Nykanan, Mark
Olson, Andy
Olson, Hans
Paceley, Ken
Page, Daniel "Rebirth"
Peterson, Linda
Peterson, Marsha
Powell, Lee
Price, Bill
Pyle, Slagge T.
Radina, Kathy
Robb, Gary
Robertson, John (Crazy John)
Rogers, Bob
Rogers, Rich
Roland. Ed
Schneider, Sue
Shaw, Russell "Wonderful"
Slagle, Bonnie
Smith, Doug
Smith, Erica
Soderquist, George
Soderquist, Skio
Stratton, Ted
Sussman, Terri (V.P. AMEHOF)
Sweet, Cheryl
Thomson, Betty
Thomson, Ray
Thompson, Linda
Thrift, Bill (Terros)
Tindle, Dwight
Usry, Kent
Vascocu, Tommy
Wales, Lissa (Deceased)
Webb, Kevin "Do It Now" (Deceased)
Whitener, Kasey
Wortham, Ron
Zelisko, Dan

Picture courtesy of Wonderful Russ Shaw


Bob Gately said...

Hey Mariah, The Family of Friends grows expotentially...Go Girrrll...It aint the meat, its the motion.

Indeed, the meat is in the motion created by the blogs now emerging. We aint dead yet, Momma's,and Daddy's are still listening, speaking from beyond the Oh-Void. Some-body's still hear the Dead Guys laments. Go Billy Edward..Forward, Compton, et al.

Beyond the RetroSpeak is a next to be addressed, explored..Who now expresses the Next ?
Mr. Formerly Wonderfull, Hip, now Real Estate Russ... Danny Do-Dah (when was the last time ya put a real local band on as a show opener ?), (Condello Lives!?)
We are dieing to hear a rational response.

Mariah, you wanna know when this Clan becomes a Band of Movers & Shakers ? When the Idea becomes more improtant then the men n women that are still alive and buying into the jive ?..We live, we die, the Idea might , indeed, say alive, survive. At what point do we arrive at a point of balance where all is in the harmony with what WEC discribed ? I aint that smart and wonder why we are so disconnected with our past that we try to be important for the future. Who cares ?

Hey Ron, What it is ?


vagabondvet said...

Bob, you are a veritable fountain of linguistic creativity. Pretty incredible rappishly poetic philosophical gush... I'm splattered! You're flattered! Logic is shattered... paradoxically, it still mattered. You move me. said...

Beautiful Bob! You cannot kill the dream - it has the nature of water and just flows around it all. Rock on!

PS Re; "Cowboys On Mars" Did you know that Mars Rover seems to be taking pictures of SEASHELLS?


Mariah Fleming said...

You guys said it all! This is heartwarming, mind massaging, soul healing stuff. We're gonna have a big KCAC/KDKB era reunion/show here, like Gately talked about. Just keep the good dream alive!! It is contagious!

I"ve gotta find that poster or some kind of pic of me from then to see if you guys remember my mug from those days.

Bruce, I think I remember going with you in my worn out blue Datsun (!) to an auto parts salvage yard on Van Buren (?) to get something...odd the things we remember.

Do you remember a tall guy from Mass. (his dad taught at Amherst I believe) who was named George Drake? He was a sound engineer who'd been drafted and came here seeking solace after serving. He knew a bunch of folks from the then before its time Prescott you remember that?

It's wonderful to hear from you all. Think Peace! Failing that, Joy, Failing that, Sanity.

Its all about options. LOL.

vagabondvet said...


I've been having thoughts about this list... just changed all the visible email addresses to hyperlinked names, for one thing. After a short time this list is going to be in the archives, virtually invisible to people just visiting the site, and hard to find for the rest of us. It requires a more visible position on the site. Thought about 'reposting' it periodically to keep it near the top, but then comments would be lost. Thought about making a new sidebar section with the list, but then people wouldn't be able to post comments. Thought about hosting a remote page from my site, but then I'd be the only one with access. Figure the best compromise would be to re-post the list to the top of the blog as needed to keep it visible, and add a note that this is being done, so comments to this particular post won't survive the reposting and will be lost. Comments should therefore be limited to requests to add a name, or change the status of a name, made with the understanding that the comment will be deleted when the requested change is made.

Does this sound practical, easy and desirable?

Feedback? said...

My vote is YES.. Update and re-post perhaps with a "Version Number" at the top or archive date to prevent confusion on the updates.. Plus we can go to the archives to compare the lists for growth. PUTTING A HYPERLINK MAILTO: line is a WONDERFUL idea.

Part of the hostile vibes I was getting during my overly-psychic "freak-out" the other day, had to do with NOT posting the list because of SPAM and privacy concerns, even though this is aLL public information.. This is MUCH, MUCH better. I am ready for more drugs, now.


vagabondvet said...

Ha! You're ready now, eh Ron? When weren't you? He he... repost with a version number? Hmmm... seems that would be a little redundant as there's a time/date stamp on the post anyway, and the most recent one would be the one closest to the top anyway. Keeping the older ones, though, rather than deleting them, does sound like a better idea, because as you say we could go back and look at the older ones to compare, and also any comments would be preserved. Yeah, I think that's an improvement on my idea, thanks! Anyone else want to chip in on this?

Jimmy said...

I put a link to the list in the left sidebar, just under the KCAC staff picture. Hopefully that will keep it easily accessible to all.

Bob Gately said...

Yeah, Mariah, Ronco, Vet and all, we are indeed giving rebirth to our baby days and in the process bringing back to life Bills great gift to us all,that,"Life is really,really wonderful."

Were it not for Bill,I would probably have bailed out of the Valley for Denver back in 68. His tip to book Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Little Stevie Miller, Cream, The Mothers and so many others was what kept me
booking and cooking up concerts, Music Halls, Aquarius, Big Surf, Janis at the Tempe ball park...Oh, so many important mile markers in my un-chosen life path were defined by that one man who brought all those barely known bands to our airwaves with His Merry Band of Malcontents. With a grateful tear, I still can hear him softly nudging us into being really, really hip, slick and very cool. KCAC LIVES ! thus, We & WEC LIVES !

It makes me wish I still had a Dr. Munchies where we could gather to share memorys and remember the magic. Let us do find more reasons to meet and celebrate our good fortune in having known and been inspired by such a grand spirit. Why not, Ron, Hogs in the Heavens ?


vagabondvet said...

Yes! All great input. Jim, this is about to disappear off the bottom of the page and go into the archives, so I'm gonna "move" it to the top (minus its comments, which will remain with this post). That means copying the list text to a new post with a new link, so I'll change the url in the sidebar link in the template, too.

Best to all...

:~) said...

Got a pic or two to add to the new version but can I suggest; Let this one archive first, to serve as a backup ON the blog?

Just being cautious.

Bob! I always knew you were high energy - I didn't know you were BEAUTIFUL. Rock on, sir!


vagabondvet said...

Sure, I'll wait 'til it disappears off the bottom of the page. A clarification, though, the DejaVu pics have been getting posted as individual posts, and this, "The List," is a separate deal, so if you've got pics to post, go for it! When I copy The List I'll just paste the list text into a new post with a brief heading. Then we can edit that list 'til it disappears off the bottom of the page, and so on. Sound workable?

P.S. I have to take off for a couple hours, won't be back 'til later this evening. 'Til then, have a fine evening.