Monday, August 21, 2006

OFF-TOPIC: OO00oooommmmmmmmclickhere

This is off topic -purely conversation- but it kind of incorporates spirituality, music and most of the topics this BLOG is dedicated to. It's inevitably about the music.

Imagine SOUND at extreme frequencies - possibly near the edge of Light - creating crop circles? Click the headline above for more information. If you are REALLY interested, navigate from there to the home page.

It's all in the music.
It's always in the music.


No Mariah, you are NOT crazy. Your psychic abilities are definitely kicking in. Experiments conducted in England say that if you PRINT the formations out on your printer, then place it on a TURNTABLE and spin it - a SECOND image will appear on some of the circles. Others seem to represent technical drawings of machines, DNA and other advanced-society gifts. Further you can OVERLAY transparencies, spin them and get a DIMENSIONAL view.. It's like a book. We just don't know where the pages all fit yet. Be aware - your mind will be gently awakened.


"Modern science now shows that these geometric rhythms lie at the centre of atomic structures. When Andrew Gladzewski carried out research into atomic patterns, plants, crystals and harmonics in music he concluded that atoms are harmonic resonators, proving that physical reality is actually governed by geometric arrays based on sound frequencies. Even that primeval Hindu sound, the OM, from which is derived our modern term 'hum', when sung into a tonoscope produces the very geometric shapes attributed with 'sacredness'. Perhaps the most important of these shapes is the hexagon, upon which the Egyptian matrix named the Flower of Life is based. This series of outwardly-rotating divisions of the circle accommodate the branches of the building blocks of life, the amino acids. This Flower of Life has subsequently manifested as a crop circle."


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Bruce Frank said...

Ummm... or should i say ommmm... everything is in the music... should read 'everything is the music' Its got a good beat and you can dance to it so boogie on, your part of the song.
' take a sad song and make it better'