Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Mrs. Robinson - You are trying to seduce me" CLICK HERE

Cartoon courtesy of "Belle Starr" Nusbaum

CHAT MODE for the KCAC Lives! community is possible anytime you are on this page. Really.

You may have missed it but our Webmaster Jimmy (who believes he is a journalist but doesn't realize he is a Webmaster), has hooked in a program called "Gabby" that will let you introduce, be introduced and (possibly) mutually seduced with anyone who is logged on to KCAC Lives! at the same time you are! Yes, you can just be friends without the seduction part.


You can save this URL to your favorites
and activate it at ANY time. Wait for Gabby chat to appear, enter your chat name then MINIMIZE the screen and go on with your regular surfing. When someone else from the KCAC community does the same thing, you will hear "log on tones" from Gabby. Just maximize the screen and say hi!

PLAY WITH GABBY It really is a fun program that you can make tall on the right of your screen, make wide and flat on the bottom and as with most chat programs, you can change your screen name. We have 50-100 QUALITY people logging in here every day. At least HERE you can count on people being in "your space" who are already in "Your Space"

Photo courtesy of "Wonderful Russ" Shaw


Liz Boyle said...

From Russ... but of course !

Today RFP played the the "Snacks" (the baby ate the Baby Ruth candy bar and turned blue) Comedy bit from Love Workshop.

Russ, you are so funny as the Dad !
That is some seriously twisted stuff and just as funny as anything on SNL.

Also, catch Russ and his off-the-wall liners and bits on RFP. So good to hear that voice being so bizarre again !

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Liz,
Yeah it was great, irreverant stuff that they would be run out of town for now )o: I was recruited to do that 'Snacks' thing with them (there's a bunch of people on it-the one where they ate the baby right?) ) in addition to the fake 1st National Credit and Trust Women's Bank ads. What fun!!! How deranged! How nice when we didn't take ourselves so damn seriously! Ahhhhh.....