Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Special! Future Auction

We the people bid$1,000,000,000,000...
Special Future Auction... Now!
This is an open auction on some of the basic necessities of life that you might want to see included, in your future... like the end of war, hunger and disease... True Peace and Enlightenment... You may or may not believe these are viable options, or that they can be bought and delivered like any other commodity... maybe... maybe not, but, Nothing says we,the people of the world can't express our desire to see these things included in our future... and to let governments and businessmen alike know our will by casting our bids... Bid, on the future YOU want to see!.. in this... our Future Auction. Billions are spent daily by Government and Big Business to control a future that may not include these things but will surely include our blood and money being spent to secure it, through war and taxes. Money talks… Bullshit walks.. but ideas... Ummmm... Maybe truth will talk and bullshit will squawk in the future you want. So get on board... if you beleive in Peace and enlightenment, and want it realized... instead of more war hunger and disease... let your will be known. You CAN have it if you want it. Were not up the creek yet, and here's a paddle for you. Lets all pull togather... the future we arrive at will be yours. In Dutch Auction style,you only pay if you win, that is... when the goods [bid items] or you... have been delivered... at that time all bidders will owe the minimum winning bid.
what's it worth to you!
The end of war & ignorance
The end hunger & greed
The end of disease & hate
True Peace and Enlightenment

Minimum bid is your first thought…Table stakes is your future. Your already in the game and people ARE bidding on your future, so... win lose or draw, you might as well have your say on the matter. All bids are welcome so bid as your heart dictates (how bout your music catalogs you rockers) prayers are welcome too... (Don't let'em say we ain't got a prayer) ...you get the idea. The world is watching, so we will publish the running total of all bids. We would like to publish your name, country and comments, with your permission… otherwise all information will be confidential.
I want to bid on my future !!

Welcome….. Home Rebirth Tribe Living Church Through a computers eye Just Imagine we the people bid$1,000,000,000... Watch'cha Think

Well... thats just a sample... i did a web page for the Rebirth site [still lookin for a home] and tryed to post it for you to see, maybe get some feedback.
It lost all the graphics and all the type is the same size but you can get the idea...
Hey you web masters out there... I'd like to see everyone that posts a bid of any kind, get there pic,name or both [with permission] put on the bus... Yea, in the window of a great big long bus that just keeps scrolling across the the screen on the web site... with everyones pic on it looking out the window... kinda like a never ending bus... Coors has the love train already... soo... we get the magic bus..
OK... is that do-able in the real world... and dont tell me no! I can see it!


vagabondvet said...

Howdy, Bruce,

I'm bidding on the future!

The links you posted point to a location on your hard drive, not on the internet, so they don't work for anyone but you. If you want to email me the page (or pages) I'll upload it (or them) to my website and post a link (or links) here so people can see them.

Peace an' harmony...


Bruce Frank said...

Thanks Dan... i was pretty sure the links wouldn't work... but i saw it took HTML code and tryed to display just the 1 page layout... just to see... now i know... bout dst... ummm I'm learnin slow but sure.

vagabondvet said...

No problem, Bruce.

Bruce and I have discussed this, everyone, just to follow up, and he's sent me the old files; but the links are old and need to be updated, along with some other stuff. He's going to look into all that, and I'm going to check with a friend who hosts websites about finding it a home. We'll try to keep you posted if something significant happens, without killing you minutia. Have a good day! Oh, heck, have a whole good week!