Thursday, August 24, 2006

KCAC lives!

Vote RFP for New Times Best of Phoenix Awards

Proving they're no flash-in-the-pan, Radio Free Phoenix celebrated it's 2nd year of non-commercial programming on August 18th.

Andy Olson, founder and program director of Radio Free Phoenix remains steadfast to his commitment to quality free form rock radio, presented commercial-free. Inspired by his personal hero, William Edward Compton, Olson has had the dream of Radio Free Phoenix for over 30 years. Radio Free Phoenix solicits donations from listeners, and encourages community businesses to sponsor commercial-free hours.

Radio Free Phoenix is involved in the community and in helping the less fortunate. RFP has helped numerous Valley non-profit agencies including The Valley of the Sun Community Diaper Bank, OLPH School and Katrina Survivors Charities. They also prominently feature various animal rescue agencies.

Billing itself as The Station with a Heart and a Conscience, Radio Free Phoenix distinguishes itself from other internet and satellite stations with local Phoenix rock radio personalities claiming a cumulative 100 years worth of rock radio experience. "The cache of simply "willing" the existence of Radio Free Phoenix, supercedes the need for monetary compensation for RFP's DJ's," says midday talent, Liz Boyle "We're not posers, 'cuz we're doin it for the cause. God Bless people like our afternoon guy, Dave Cooper. He's done an airshift every single weekday for two years, solid. We all donate our time for the love of the music and our desire to keep it alive in a free form, rock radio format."

From the standpoint of the radio business, the veteran staff of RFP is blazing the way for more defectors from the sinking ship of today's commercial radio industry.

Please vote to give Andy and Radio Free Phoenix the recognition they deserve for this public service, inspired and underwritten, by Andy's love of rock and roll and rock and roll radio.

Vote for Radio Free Phoenix:

Best Alternative Station- Radio Free Phoenix
Best Rock Station- Radio Free Phoenix
Best On-Air Personality- (insert) on Radio Free Phoenix


Mariah Fleming said...

Hi there.
Just your "Lady of Perpetual Encouragement" putting in two (more) cents: FYI when you go to the NT site to vote for RFP it's a few pages in after all the restaurants and stuff. You don't have to fill out the whole questionaire. Lets get some momentum going for RFP! And while you're at it, Liz also works on the classic rock station KOOL!!

Lets 'get out the vote' it's good practice!

Jimmy said...

Yeah, if I was still working there, I'd sure write RFP in. But the readers' poll is always more meaningful than the critics.' You guys have no idea how arbitrary that is.
Great write-up on Andy and RFP, Liz! And KOOL is still cool, too - I'd like to see them win a category. After all these years, it's like a reliable utility you can always turn on to feel happy.

Liz Boyle said...

Hey you guys !

They've (CBS) dispensed with the "Oldies" moniker and the KOOL format is officially called "Adult Hits". It's still rock and roll to me; music built to last.
Check out their Klassic Kool at 11pm. Pre Beatles: Link Wray, Duane Eddy, Doo Wop, Philly stuff, etc. A lot of that stuff has a real clean sound, now.

Jimmy, your wonderful article provided great momentum for the launch of Radio Free Phoenix. We have a very happy family of listeners that first discovered us via The Phoenix New Times.
(Article available at

Radio Free Phoenix is a stellar product, but running a service on the "donor system" is depressing from a revenue standpoint.
Andy is still paying for most of the bills.

Winning a Best of Phoenix award would give us the proverbial, Terros cleared, shot-in-the-arm.

Thanks to Mariah, we had Changing Hands as a client but we'd like a lot more local businesses to support us, so pass the word.

There is so much passion and commitment in this little station that Andy "willed" into existence with thousands of hours of preparation and work.
It's run on hopes and dreams, Radio Shack, spare change and a 13 year old studio cat named Condello.

Our passion for our top quality product, gives us confidence to go up against Clear Channel, and every other corporate behemoth, in the Phoenix New Times "Best of Phoenix".

Thanks again for your support !

Bob Gately said...