Thursday, August 24, 2006


BEFORE: "The Early Days" Actually just a few years ago....

AFTER: Hans at the 1997 reunion.

Take a bunch of jalapenos, creosote bush leaves, a pound of Muddy Waters, a gallon of Lightnin' Hopkin's "Mister Charlie", some tequila or Mescal.... slap it around with a side of Hendrix (just a little) and throw it in the pot with the Road Kill Chili you just poured your beer into........ Oh yeah, some prickly pear squeezins. That's pretty close to Hans Olson's music. Absolutely Arizona. Basically The Blues.

David Bromberg sang "You gotta suffer if your gonna sing the blues". Hans has had his ups and downs since KCAC but he ain't dumb. He's smart enough to learn from others..... What strikes me is his impeccable TASTE. A super-fine and exquisitely tuned guitar, Lee Oskar harmonica and a remarkable, cavernous voice to showcase his appreciation of the blues...

Blues is NOT easy to get into but it's a Tar Baby. Once you are into it, you can't get out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hans Olson, he started the Az Music Entertainment Hall of Fame with a group & stayed president of it til recentlly.I saw him play a few months ago & heard him say that he bowed out of it to get back to singing the blues full time. But that it's still in the good hands of all those who put on the first ceremony and alive and kicking.

If you were there you'd know why its just gotta be added to the list of good things about Hans Olson! A lot of the KCAC/KDKB days folks were there too. Bill Compton got inducted and Johnny D ('s R and B) had a bunch of AZ music 'memorabilia' that people were falling over each other to see and buy it. The whole show was awesome.

Just another desert rat (that thinks you've got a cool blog here too.)

Bob Gately said...

Amen, Brother/Sis?....

We are indeed in good Hans with Albright... Gotta bring Hans into contact with Richie, Albright, Waylons Bagdad(AZ) drummer/producer that did indeed produce many of that ole greasers hits... Harp's in harmony, Guitar strummin out the melody, the Man/Woman/Child speakin loud and can hit the note...All she wrote, Its a Wrap !

When I first met Hans back in ???(65)...He told me how he used a phoney Berdoo ID to get into my Colton Ca club, Goldfingers, AKA, The Digit Del Oro, The Beverly Hills Gynocologist...Golden finger's, indeed.

Hans heard at our Goldfingers, Percy Sledge, "When a Man Loves ah Woman,( live, in person)...Et al.....Later, he evolved ,His style...AZ Style...A Prick with Purpose, in the Land of Whatever

Hey, Anonymous...Ya talk da talk, like, ya did indeed walk in the trail of the Brothers ? Did you, Indeed, bleed for the Cause, just, Cause it was the only Cause ya had in the rich world ya was comin from ? I been S'dale rich n Po...So ?
Where do ya wanna go from, HERE ?

"Buck's Up , Buckaroo" Hans down, we are Winners! Capture the spirit of Today and we, AZ, are..Winners ! Go back to yo ever winning ways and.....Wonder...Why we are, Today, so, Damn succesfull ?

RWG, Aqui