Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Here she is; Our Lady Of Perpetual Encouragement, in three poses!

During the mid - 1970's "Love Workshop" days at KDKB. Publicity photo for a cassette project.

Onstage in Touloose, France - 1980 (Some people just can't handle applause).

Her 2006 incarnation, snatched from a group picture at Uranus Recording Studios in Tempe, with Robin Wilson. .

I firmly believe that were it not for her CONSISTENT efforts to keep this blog alive, this whole thing would have archived itself into oblivion by now. KCAC Lives! would otherwise, be quite dead.

Mariah was The Voice on the commercials for..... well, in her words; AD 1: "Hi, I'm Shirley MacLaine and in my travels through the People's Republic of China the one thing peasant women everywhere told me they wanted was their own bank..."

AD 2: "First Women's...offers interest free car loans for women, and for those of you who find procreation cumbersome and distasteful, we offer a free sperm bank for women who deposit $500 or more"

AD 3: "In Sept (?) 1976, First Women's National Credit and Trust Bank will open its doors in Phoenix..."

That last one is the one that got them the nasty 'cease and desist' order from the AZ Fiduciary Commission, so they had to stop the ads."


Now THAT Dear Friends is Social Anarchy at it's finest.

'Tis an honor.

For all of us.


Liz Boyle said...

Ah, the lovely Mariah. As beautiful on the inside as she is within.

Mariah's input, reflections and commentary have certainly energized this blog as her generous, artistic spirit infuses any project she's involved in.

We sure all had the same hairstyle back then !

Mariah Fleming said...

I'm only one small part of the whole, but thank you for all the wonderful things you said...for once I'm speechless. (o:

vagabondvet said...

Oh, NO!!! mariah's speechless???

Better break out the smelling salts, maybe even the defibrillator, somethin's seriously wrong here!


Mariah Fleming said...

Yes indeedy we did have the same hairstyles back then. I really miss my long hair, but I'm glad I don't have to take care of it in this heat anymore. Confesssions: In high school did you have the long hair, bangs and 'mod' hair too? I actually ironed my hair!! Holycats it's bone straight as it is. Only did it once. Musta read a hair hint in Teen Beat. Ugh. My ever so patient mother with the dry sense of humor sure ribbed me about that one. God rest her sweet soul!!

How'd the show go last night? We missed you in the chat room...I signed on after you had to leave. That left me the only female. I couldn't keep up with the techno savvy guys but it was great fun to try! Thanks for emailing me about it. I hadn't checked the blog yet and would have missed it. Cool thing Jimmy set up, huh?

Your web site is really cute, Liz!!!! Where is Large Marge currently touring? (o: The picture of Rose is so sweet. I"m sure you miss her terribly. She's in dog heaven playing witih my dogs Spirit, Diva and my cat Minou. And Minou is in charge, I can guarantee it. (o:

Liz Boyle said...

Sorry I missed you all in chat, I was getting redirected to the gabby site so something was awry.
I'll figure it out for next time.

Still waiting to go over to my folk's to get a good 70's era picture. You'll see that same long style washed by "Conceived by Nature" shampoo and cut by "Hair" on Indian School Rd., just like my favorite radio station suggested !

Happy Day, Everyone !

vagabondvet said...

Hi, Liz,

Perhaps you just didn't wait long enough? The page that opens when you click on the Live Chat link does have an address that starts with http://gabbly.com/... if you give it a minute it will load the chat window on top of the KCAC Lives web page. Could that be the problem? If not, please email me next time and I'll try to troubleshoot it with you.


Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Liz,
You're not the lone ranger. That happened to me a couple of times before when I messed around with the chat feature, hence changing my name to 'anonymust' (o: then back to me when I got on the right page. I can probably help you get on gabby the right way when I see you again and we're at a computer. Jimmy, Daniel and Ron all know how to work all this stuff (well, everyone except us, maybe? LOL) but we're quick learners, no?