Sunday, August 06, 2006

DEJA'VU Now & Then Mugshot; FRANK "AUNT FRAN" BENNETT Video resume' : - CLICK HERE!

When in the course of Human Events - it becomes necessary to "break format" and present things within the context of intent, you have the perfect rationalization for this particular mugshot.

This is a RARE version of a staff photo that was taken at the same photo-op as "The" definitive KCAC staff picture.

BACK ROW: Hank Cookenboo, Marty Manning, Bill Compton and Toad Hall (Gary Kinsey).

MIDDLE ROW: Dave Briggs, Tommy Vascocue, Jim Murray and Kent Usery(sp).

FRONT ROW: Steve Zind, Lynne Adams, George Soderquist (reclining), Carol --???? and Frank Lehmann (Frank Bennet) who transitionally took on the "Aunt Fran" personna and enjoyed a fabulously successful radio career in San Fransisco.. Follow the picture blow-up and close-up to get the transition.

PLEASE EMAIL THE NAMES marked with ???? and I will edit them in later. I was not at the station at the time and honestly, don't recall a couple of the guys..

THAT HAVING BEEN DONE I am honoring Frank's request here for the copy on his mugshot. I hope I haven't messed him up with too much preamble but this particular picture is remarkable. Thanks, Fran. Love the hair, by the way.

KCAC gofer/intern, Frank Lehmann, spent 30 years on the air in LA & San Francisco as 'Uncle Frank Bennett'. In 2002 she became 'Aunt Fran'. Media coverage was huge and listeners were 98% supportive but radio execs didn't want to hear about it.

She currently volunteers with Silicon Valley non-profits while trying to rebuild her career. Her radio package can be viewed at < >. For her personal
story of faith and transition, visit < > - - -


Bob Gately said...

Yeah, thats Kent Usry next to Jim Murray..Tis great to see all those serious faces again...Thanks..I'll add a few as soon as the scanners back up...

Bob Gatly

Liz Boyle said...

Fran actually looks almost as young in her "after" picture as she did in her "before".

You look fabulous, lady !

A fan from your KSTM days,
Liz Boyle