Wednesday, August 23, 2006


George Orwell (Eric Blair)

It's there, man.. I tink iss a ful KILO man... maybe in the sleeping bag or in the trunk and I dunno, ese' but I remember it's a LOT. I remember he said iss in with a buncha tapes and stuff - but you forget, you know man? So I think iss still there! Really fine, too. I mean yeah it's DRY an everything but it still smokes and its cheaper than buying gas to Mexico! Hey and watch out for that PAPER ese'... that's ACID and I dunno what it's gonna do now that it's this old you know? So if you find it man, hey, CALL ME and I will come help you wit it!

Find it? AAaaaawwwwww...... Well what about the tapes.. cassettes? Unlabeled? Did you LISTEN???? If it happens to be KCAC or KDKB 1969-1977 we would LOVE to convert it to an MP3, record it on CD and return it to you FREE OF CHARGE.

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Fran Bennett said...

The Terros Report? Good Gawd, I remember those. Talk about cutting edge! How'd we ever get away with THAT?

Just to be sure, with respect to the Compton monolith and Bill's fondness for Kubrick's 2001...we do remember that Bill began every show with Also Sprach Zarathustra, yes? said...

Yep.... and so did Elvis. By the way I understand Elvis may be retiring from Circle K soon.... Just a few months to go unless they fire his ass and rip off his retirement. But this is America - they wouldn't do THAT!


Mariah Fleming said...

Yes, sure do remember that he opened with that!! And I don't know how you all got away with the Terros report either but it was really cool...wasn't it "brought to you by the Do It Now Foundation?" Or something like that...???