Wednesday, August 30, 2006

DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshots: PEGI'S VAULT

If you wish to view or download any of these photos in their original .JPG scan size and coloration, simply click on the PEGI'S VAULT headline above..


JUST FRIENDS AGAIN Bill and Colleen stroll together, demomnstrating their ability to interact socially with others, without awkwardness.

Hank an June mimic a famous scene from Shakespere.

YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL A PERVERT by the way he treats his stuffed animals. Here, Ron attempts to disguise the recent murder of a small troll by covering its face in a casual posture.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO CHECK YOUR OIL You should never ADD any oil nor CHANGE the oil but it is a good idea to CHECK the oil.

BILL, MIKE AND FRANNIE posing as completely normal people.

about flowers in your hair and all that. Here, Pegi hides in the forest using a Giant Redwood for cover.

IN THIS COMPLETELY CANDID POSE Hank looks out the window of Noah's Ark, awaiting the arrival of The Dove.

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