Friday, August 18, 2006


Matthew 26:11
For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.

When you read Bruce Frank's perspective on The Dream (a couple of stories down) that was KCAC & Rebirth years ago, you can't help but think....... hell, we sold out. We all sold out. Zappa said we would, the Firesign Theatre said we HAD and for most of us it is something we still seek to DO - given enough ca$h flow and Financial Security.

What am I bid for The Past? Can you really afford the cost? Wanna go around again?

In the clickable headline above is a story lamenting the slow sales - in Britain - of tickets to the Rolling Stones... oh shit, they're not SELLING? PANIC! FREAK OUT!

In this link
if you want to bother, is this choice passage;
"The Rolling Stones concert raises many important questions though. How many rich folks are there in Western Montana who would pay $2,000 or more to see the Stones? What lucky fan will catch Keith Richards' walker when he throws it into the crowd after the show? Will members of the audience be prohibited from holding up lit cigarette lighters after the encore because of the amount of bottled oxygen in use by the band?"


Sure fella........ we ALL want to see the Rolling Stones and we're willing to spend a good chunk of our inheritances to do it but damn, I feel so GUILTY!

Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.


Mariah Fleming said...

But the Stones NEED the money!!! And they are SO grateful to our generation for making them rock icons. Whassa matta you? Plus, they have to pay off the corporation that's sponsoring the tour!

"Some call me square
some call me hip
I'm inbetween
Just call me 'squip'"

The guy with a weird name who was photographed often on the motorcycle wrote that. What was his name? Funny, Smothers Bros era comedy.

Bob Gately said...

Our Alice is such a Pussy-wuss, What?, As Opening Act for the Falling Stones ?. (excuse me)..Old Dude, ..Get a life...Whats next for Vince, opening for Tony Orlando, or our own AZ superstar con megastar of the Strip, Wayne, ya know, Newton ,in Vegas??? ...Do we get a free ticket for our Bonus Credits in the crap-out casino ? Hey, Alice, hope you never die in the minds of the mindless...Your Schools out...Forever.
Make a buck, schmuck, and spend it wisely, your Christian charity is greatly appreciated...For Christ sake....

Sorry, Mariah, but maybe he does need the bucks...After all we payed for his progress and have to live with the celebrity we/he created...Maybe the Rolling Crones need a local loser to support their bill, hey, who's got $72,50 to sit in the nosebleed section and hear tired music you can get on a budget CD ? Dah ?

I would like to think that we are smarter then to be there and support a myth that is no longer important...Stones or Alice...or anybody that we supported in another life...If I had the dough I'd go see Bonnie Raitt at Cricket on the lawn and shake my bootie to , " Something to talk about...Talkin bout, L-O-V-E...." So, indeed, we stress on the state of the art of popular music, we do wonder on the why of popularity and how it impacts our current society and why this generation goes for nigger love or lack thereof What, what war ?..Pimps n whores rule and love is just another word for , loser...Suck it up, buttercup....Ya gotta be Tough

We live, we die an no surprise, its all in the eye of the beholder....RWG....Lou Rawls sings from the TV....Baby Love. Wha ?