Wednesday, August 23, 2006

damudderfuckenrapperindacrapper& 0000ooo what he said! CLICK HERE

How dare HIM?

I realize I am kind of "Hoggin' the BLOG" by posting this stuff but I CAN'T volunteer at Radio Free Phoenix from here, so this is kind of my Public Service Volunteer Work. I feel the BLOG should be entertaining at least and NOBODY ELSE (you) is doing it.

So jump up on stage here with me and do whatever your "thing" is. I too, am working almost entirely in the nude.

[Photo courtesy of Wonderful Russ]
BREAKING NEWS: Barry Manilow is going in for hip surgery.
Wow. Imagine. Barry Manilow - hip.


Mariah Fleming said...

So, they good ol boys in the Lone Star State letcha work in the nude?! That Texas!! Next thing you know they'll be executin' criminals in the buff. Think of the savings in prison clothing! said...

They been trying to nail me with Jail Bait ever since I got back here from Arizona. It's funny - I play them like an old catfish.

Working in the nude around the house really freaks out some of our "churchy" visitors.. I have to grab for an indian blanket or whatever. They sit around composed and conversational - but horrified. I love it.

So Mariah.. and anybody else.... TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES AND TYPE SOMETHIN'! Hahahaha

Will add picture to enhance the mood.....


Jimmy said...

As to the "Ooo what he said" headline: follow the link to excerpts from the new Rolling Stone interview with Bob Dylan (he's on the cover of the new issue). And if you haven't been clicking on the link to Dylan's XM radio show on this page, you've been missing out on some truly great radio. One guy has been uploading MP3s of each show (16 so far) and posting them here:
Great stuff to load up on before a road trip!

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Ron,
If I could figure out how to post pictures I'd do it, but I am sure glad YOU understand all of it. I've
gone to the blog and tried many a time...and after we mysteriously lost the first 'list' I am afraid to do anything in case I might mess up the whatever.
So I'll keep on adding my two cents and if I have something to post other than that, I'll send it along to our no doubt very tan in Texas Ronco.