Thursday, August 17, 2006

Media savvie warriors... dreamin of you now

You Media savvie warriors on this blogg from underground radio, above ground transmitters and above board money from corporite owners and sponsors...

{how many of you jocks have sold ads for your own shows?..station?}

a veritable treasure chest of experience, insight and wisdom..
especially when it comes to being involved in introducing and marketing social, political change, awareness or could i say revolution ? shouldn't scare anyone here except...the sponsors? ahh
Well i consider you all co-conspirators in this life we share and I'm a callin you out!
Well maybe just soundin you out.

Our future is being bought and sold daily, to the highest bidder, like a commodity just to see who will control and profit from life in the future. we basically don't get to participate and do not have an alternative future to invest in or promote if nothing good gets given us...
Being in advertising and publishing, i believe we need to advertise and promote alternative futures for ourselves, like peace. We at Rebirth have always done that and been political but more on the spiritual side
On the Rebirth site,in our minds, we have refined that to Promoting...

The End of War, Hunger, and Disease...
True Peace and Enlightenment

I believe these are all reasonable and doable goals to shoot for, promote and attain for our future.
I wouldn't want to shoot lower or dilute and lose the message in temporary political battles.
Were still promoting peace... its all just a benefit or effect of enlightenment.

John Lennon promoted peace... and felt that we could sell it through modern marketing techniques like you do to sell wart remover, air fresheners , tooth paste , jeans, beer or cars.
I agree... notice the music Cadillac choose for its commercials... you know what I'm talking about. Who among us, 40 years ago, could guess or even believe that...Led Zeppelin in effect would represent Cadillac. They were probably banned on some rock station... with Hendrix.
We've brainstormed good ideas, Like an online world wide auction...what's it worth to you... a world without war hunger or disease... we could keep a running total of all bids, people are impressed by big numbers, and no one really has to pay till the item is delivered, and if they don't like it they can get there money back... so people can be honest and generous... and still feel safe.
Slick, commercials on radio and television detailing problems that exist because of politics, stupid practices,
like hunger, homelessness, political repression, the cost, in Dollar and human terms, of war and growing up in it, and give solutions.
Show a better life and world through the riches of are genius, are science and scientist, are musicians and artist, are visionaries and healers.
A cabinet level department of Peace to promote Peace, and finance communities and individuals to do the same.
A nonprofit foundation to be supported by individual and corporate interests, through donations and corporate sponsorship ie The Rebirth Foundation, The Peace Foundation,or we thought , and for many reasons, ' The Living Church,' of The Rebirth Tribe'...or the rainbow commune, what ever it's a right to establish and practice new religion, and we've done's Tax exempt, traditionally serves the poor, and peoples spiritual need, is a natural agent or vehicle for man to carry out God will, peace on earth,...
and yes to protect us from being arrested, stripped of our rights , imprisoned, families broken and suffering, possessions, homes, keepsakes , even dignity and respect lost or damaged. Decent caring human being who want little more than a better life for themselves and others. All this brutal and repressive treatment from our own government and neighbors for using and sharing the drugs we have ritually and socially used for so long now in our culture and way of live and mostly just to very pleasurable, enlightening, relaxing or stimulating ends.
We've all seen and heard the horror storys of abuse and misuse... they happen and were more aware of them than most, and more able to help also. We've grown up and learned to survive as outlaws in our own country... See what that gets into
Organized religion has a very bad history and it scares the shit out of me. My God doesn't need an interpreter or spare change. And I don't like feeling like a hypocrite saying one thing and doing another for good, convenient political reasons. One of our founding forfather , Sam Adams, I think said... 'When the last King is strangled, with the entrails of the last priest, mankind will enter a new age of freedom and enlightenment'... it may be one of our mistakes but its also one of our rights.

OK Check out this bright idea that came recently...along with or simultaneous with others... Please think about this one... ... the appeal.. could we creat an engine of sorts that could generate its way $$ to drive us home and shine a little light on the road help us get there ,how could we do it, improve it2, keep it on track...I have written inspired songs that I would gladly donate to support this idea... other musicians might too. this fires me up... I think something like this has worked before. David Bowie sold rock futures,$50,000,000.00 worth of stocks or bond, in one weekend...just 'guaranteed it' with his catalog and the offering got an A+ rating from wall street.... He got it now... his catolog paid it off and investers belived in his rock future and got paid well in return .. Different, but similar .

It has become clear that anything with a future ... has a market... as a commodity or a long-term investment or promotion opportunity. Some offerings succeed because they're popular and people want them to succeed so they invest and it grows, succeeds, and becomes more popular... people love a winner... and that's the other income... the cooperate, marketing type people will jump on your band wagon, if your popular, goanna be around and do good, and they can be associated with you... they'll support you to increase there business and image with there customers... your fans and supporters. Front runners perhaps, but your good for them they're good to you.$$
Think of this... an engine to market a better future... non-profit, but people can invest in it... with donations as usual but they get token stock... now they're part of it actively they'll talk about it and promote it and it could generate dividends for them before the money means nothing. Say some popular, influential, people help promote it, say Dylan and Bonno and Jimmy Carter...maybe do a song to generate money to keep promoting and running the best fucking commercials on tv and radio... enlightening, entertaining, memorable... with celebrities and examples of positive change a promising future coming... Corporate sponsorship could be extraordinary... people who donated would be getting rewarded with dividends... positive reinforcement. .. We could generate publicity.. make news coverage ... who don't want peace... the end of war hunger and disease....Its so hard to malign or distort what were saying... but they will... they killed John... but they just cant get rid of him!.. or that simple naive message he gave us... Give Peace A Chance... Is that to fantastic to even hope for... we can change there mind... and we will... we can shine light on the dark things and people so they know they can run but they cant hide...or if they're cool they can have fun without hurting they're bride! ... boy ,I gotta go to bed on that one.. its late , I'm tired, and im getting silly...
I'm serious about the rest though... give me some feed back if something makes sense, or don't.
Love all ya'alls

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The Dream has the nature of water, Bruce. It is so beautiful to read your words and know The Dream is still very much alive in you and all those around you. MORE IMPORTANTLY you have given voice to The Dream which still lives, to the umpteen-jillion younger people who are out there stumbling from BLOG to BLOG wondering what the hell those guys DID back in the 1960's?

THAT perhaps is the more important function of what we do ... spread the seeds of The Dream as though they were raindrops. The nature of water.

Implementing the practicality of your suggestions MAY need to be left for the few in the following generation(s) that KNOW something is wrong and are doing their homework to figure out how to fix it. Inevitably that answer must come spiritually from WITHIN and I believe we have a bunch of unidentified "lurkers" reading this BLOG who just may grab some of those watery seeds and wrap them around their souls.

Peace - Vs. war/suicide.
Love - Vs. any alternative.
Power - to the people.
Control - to the compassionate.
Money - to those who do not understand real wealth.

Is that not the essence of the Rebirth concept? A six-ingredient recipe......... just add water.

Have some of The Dream.
Think of it as Manna.


Mark said...

Bruce you and I have faced this world together for 25 years. You can count on me and my guitar.
Mark (Roadblock)

Bruce Frank said...

is that you Ron?… my worthy man…
So glad your around. It’s a better world with you in it. Thanks for your insight and observations… You do have a way with words…you and your cohorts from Texas, the Compton clan , KRUX Underground and KCAC, KDKB, have helped and inspired so many of the people that you have touched… and you’ve reached so many, certainly me.
Savvy Media Warriors for real. You’all brought the people good music when it wasn’t popular or commercial but you brought so much more than just music, It was your caring, realness, your spiritual awareness that came through. You promoted peace and enlightenment in a more subtle but effective way…with your being. Yea… like free outdoor music festivals at Carefree, with thousands of freaks, hippies, and pick-nickers [LOL] Groovin and gettin high, digin live music joyfully shared by our frontline warriors playin in them local bands. Just people getting to know about themselves, there community and there freedom.
It was great for the Community, Rebirth, and KRUZ/KCAC , we actively served and supported each other and our community and did, in fact gather up to 10,000 of us together for the Carefree concerts with only 2 or 3 days advance promotion from Rebirth and KCAC…only! Wow! We mobilized so fast they didn’t react to what we were doin be fore we had done it Well, they did catch on, and we may have scared ‘em into stopping us.
You’re sure right about inspiring the next generation… hope they listen and learn…from us, the past and the music…it helped inspire and define us.
Anyway Ron, were all still here, and still working on ‘it’.. and ourselves, helping and sharing with the people we meet. Yea the dream is alive and growing but I’m more pragmatic now for the most part… from my own personal experience, and understanding, I know what I know and can sell or share what I believe or imagine… I Know matter responds to consciousness, that’s physics, not magic or faith. We can all enjoy the ability to heal ourselves and others, many do already, to communicate with others at a distance wordlessly, and share our thoughts. That can sound like music or be a bullshit detector… we’re 3-D people in a 4-D world… ummm Transcendental meditation, psychedelic experience… we can transcend time. . I’ve been to my own funeral and beyond. Bill was with me that night and it started with some LSD and a book called ‘Psychedelic Prayers’, both, by way of our late but great brother, Timothy Leary. First I read the book… then I entered the book… then I became the book… a living, psychedelic, prayer. Oh, Everything is energy, the dream fills out and grows with us…. But this aint even the dream stuff yet…. It gets better… our future, what it holds for us, the possibilities, if people had a clue, they just couldn’t fucking wait. It’s that good.
Many people already believe a world without war, hunger or disease is possible for mankind eventually… its doable and done already in small circles in some areas.. But peace and enlightenment… not many know what that be like… and I’d be hard pressed to say too. It’ be easier to say what its not. That’s because it can’t be said, only experienced, realized or understood. Who’s done that, where? We probably could never live in a world like that without changing or fucking it up. Probably would take generations of evolution and change… ya know, there are some things that are worth dying for. I’d gladly give my life just so my children could grow up in a world like that. I mean it. I’d love to see it with them but… you’d probably have to be born into a world like that for you to really get it… and we’ve already been born here. Our being there would take … would be like… rebirth . Hey, Rebirth good name for a paper, or something. Never knew what it meant though.
Everyone wants to go to heaven, no one wants to die!
Perhaps at some point as we become closer and more enlightened we’ll be able to effect our own evolution to some extent.
Wouldn’t that be a nice birthday ‘Present’…

Ron, Looking at that recipe now… ooow we need a group with an agenda….with money, control, & power.. to bring to us gifts.. peace and love. Looks different without the water in it.
I had a recipe for instant water once…[LOL]
Love ya’ll
PS. Ron, I know this aint a private letter no more so I put some stuff in to spin up the lurker and others who might need it too. It’s a good thing. said...

Thanks so much Dan. OK.. this is going to be a little freaky - but it's to YOU and of all the minds I know, yours is the most open and prepared to accept it; Bill and Hank and Toad and Lissa and Kevin and a bunch of others on The List marked (Deceased) AIN'T dead.

Remember in Stranger in A Strange Land where Michael Valentine Smith died? How he didn't "die" he just became UNIFIED with those he loved?

I submit to you that the concept defines in unrestrained terms, the essence of Christianity, Rebirth, Karma, Hinduism, Shintoism, Zen, Catholocism and on and on and on - a UNIVERSAL concept. Bill didn't die, neither did Toad or Hank nor many of my ancestors or your ancestors or our many mutual friends.

I am not trying to start a new religion here - if anything, this concept helps to draw a conclusion that ends the NECESSITY for religions --- but hey;

LISTEN with your mind, FEEL with your soul. `We're all still here, no one has gone away ... waiting. Acting much too well and procrastinating...'

The Preamble to "Job's Tears" by The Incredible Striing Band.

It's all in the music.

It's always in the music.

vagabondvet said...

That's beautiful stuff, guys... food for the soul. By the way, Ron, that was Bruce, not I, that posted the above...

Love ya...

:~)aniel said...

I did say DAN didn't I?... I really meant BRUCE. No matter, we are all the same and if I find that Salvia Divinorum and the right moment in which to smoke it, your really WILL Be Bruce - or Dan... whatever.


vagabondvet said...

Ah, good, you really DID know who (which manifestation of the cosmic "us") you were talking to! No, I have absolutely no objection to being Bruce... or Russ, or Ron or Bill, or Mariah or Kathy! I am the walrus, I am the giant Redwood and the noxious weed, I am the rushing stream and the stagnant pond, I am dappled sunlight, clouds, a breeze through the canyon. I am ecstatic, I am destitute, I am comforted and bereft, sometimes filled with hope and fear, sometimes empty, oft times breathing between the two. I am your brother and your sister, your father and your son. Call me anything, any time. I love you.


Mariah Fleming said...

I am overwhelmed with feelings of often does that happen to any of us anymore? I feel that I can say things I rarely talk about, in the case of what I am about to say, I have shared this with not even a handful of people over the years. The more life I live, the more I know it was real. I completely believe in the 'non death' of the human soul. This is heavy, but it's what I think I should share now. I wrote all of this down in my journal 30 plus years ago.
Here goes. I hope I don't freak out anyone.

The night Bill died he came to me as a very real presence in a dream. I could have touched him, he was standing next to my bed. I FELT him there, heard his voice, felt his breath near me as he leaned over to talk to me. Bill wanted to know exactly what had happened. I told him about the accident and his death and the few details I knew at the time. He then asked me "is everyone ok?"

He asked about his sister (I didn't know he had a sister at the time) and if "Kathy" (a woman was in the car with him) was all right. He asked me if the people here, and his family, in Tyler, Texas knew that everything was all right with him where he was. I had never heard he was from Tyler, Texas and am not sure that he was. I did know he came from Texas.

Bill then implored me: "Will you please come with me and show me where it happened?" I said "No, I can't do that. I'm not ready to go!" He felt my anxiety about going with him and told me not to worry, that it was all right, I didn't have to go.

I then asked Bill why he came to me when there were others who knew him extremely well. He said he feared going to someone who knew him really well might cause more pain for them. He didn't want to upset them, to hurt them more than they were hurting already. He said he knew I would understand and he trusted me.

I have no rational explanation for what happened, I just know it happened.

I awoke with the strangest, most incredibly powerful, peaceful feeling. I can't really describe it. I still can't shake my feeling of that night that I was awake and had actually been with Bill in my little house on Center Street in Mesa (several blocks from KDKB.) The experience touched me indelibly.

I didn't know Bill too well, but what I did know of him was huge. He was a magnetic, inspiring person. He encouraged my musical self. He was an extraordinarily generous human being. I could feel the love in that station, the acceptance, the wry sense of humor...the strength.

Many years later I consciously discouraged my "extra sensory perception" after dreaming about the murder of someone I was very close to (during the night at the actual hour it happened. but before I knew it had happened.) It was awful. I knew I couldn't have prevented it but felt somehow I"d let her down. I decided to get a total change of environment and abruptly left the country for two years. Since those days I have had very few similar experiences.

I believe we all have the capability to have enhanced perception, and that it's a gift for those who are strong enough to give their lives to it completely. I wasn't one of those people. I have very stong intuition and I try to heed it. Haven't always, I've made mistakes, let myself be 'blinded' sometimes. I've been in denial of my intuition sometimes, but it has never wronged me.

I am at peace with all of it for decades now. But it got pretty intense sometimes when I was younger. I had to choose between living my life in the 'present' and giving myself over to the strange 'gift' of e.s.p. For me it's definitely been a mixed blessing.

Whew. I hope it's ok to post this. I'm wupped!! I do hope it's healing for others to hear this, the way it was to experience it for myself.

I also hope you all don't think I'm I've lost my marbles 'cause I haven't, they're ALL still here for better or worse!

vagabondvet said...

Ah, Mariah, what a great experience! Thanks for sharing the wonder. Great moniker there, Our Lady of Perpetual Encouragement, that's very fitting. May your days be filled with goodnes... said...

To Carole;

I'm taking the liberty of sharing this with Mariah and Peg and will likely post it as well.

I was at KBBC at the time and so was Dennis McBroom. We both "broke format" and departed from the traditional "sound" of the station to pay tribute to Bill on the air. I think that may have cost me that job, but I was already interested in other things..... That, and my motorycle was leaking oil on the sidewalk outside the station. Ha.

At any rate I didn't feel any spiritual interaction with Bill at all but was not concerned. I just knew he was safe and had gone on. I felt his spirit many times after and still do, when I think of him or pray about him. I remember a spontaneous Automatic Writing experience I had shortly after then where I was meditating at the kitchen table.... I picked up a pencil and let it happen; The words "Greater Love" were written and they were not in my hand. I am a terrible writer - a scribbler. I folded up the paper and mailed it to The Lady - Jean Compton - your Mom. She verified it later.

Bill was one of the most advanced beings I have encountered in this lifetime. I do believe his "work" was accomplished and that he was ALLOWED to go on.

It was a big job. I think what is happening at KCAC LIVES! BLOG may be finally, a point of closure and release - a coming together, a Feast of Friends and Memories that says to the younger world; "Hey, we risked it all, we took our best shot and we actually DID SOMETHING back there, to change the course of our lives and what is now, history." Point being it was all a lesson in Courage, this new kind of Radio and this new kind of Thinking.

ONE of the most important components of the entire lesson had to do with applying The Mind to The Life and not denying dreams, visions, ESP or any aspect of a larger reality. We use only 10% of our brains. I know from experiences with Bill and from shared experiences with mutual friends like Mariah and others - that we CHOOSE to not see. It's so much easier than doing The Work and going on.

I feel that Bill is "on vacation". He's earned it.



Bob Gately said...

What a blessing it is to awaken on this Monday morn, that could have been just another day to confront a week of more same-ole, same-ole and find a feast of heart felt friends sharing time now, past, pleasant and profound in such deeply personal revelations. Whew, from such deep revelations great songs are truly born.

The word, communication, in my old Websters means, "to make common". Indeed, this forum has given our common bond a point of departure from which to express the heretofore hidden, repressed sense of
isolation from our culturally depressed present situations. The strength of our words flow from common experience tied to one extraordinary man, Bill Compton. He has tied us all together for this rebirth of wonder in a most wonderful way. He is still making us all think...think deeply, think loveingly of one another as his gift to this troubled now. Thanks again, Bill.

He comes to us in dreams and small rememberances of long ago events that still resonate in our daily lives. He demands our attention when the events of the day mirror the events of the days when he was here in body, blood and brain. Vietnam, bloody Iraq, bombed out Beruit, hey buddy, the bombs are still bursting in air, blowing beautiful people into oblivion and we are pissed and depressed, feeling powerless. But hey, he did lead the way to salvation..On the eve of yet more politically inspired distruction of innocent peoples
he agains awakens us, his deciples, to do stand up and make our anger, angst and depression a point of departure. Every one of us, you, who were blessed with the means to communicate to the masses, owe him and yourselves another shot at addressing the mean lies that are passed for truth these days. Was, " know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" a hollow, weak phrase, was, "Music will set you free", just another newspeak nod to the left ? We/He dont think so.

Bruce, write that strong song, Ron, create that rant commercial/PSA, cast it wide on the world wide web that Bill could not have imagined, Mariah, imagine that every word you write had a Lennon moment in it and people paid attention ! Oh my God ! In the beginning there was the word, and the word was with god. So say that old testament. Seems like a Now Testament is now in order. Maybe we are writing it here and now...maybe.

Back in 68, with Tim Leary, Mana, of the Payote Way Church of God, Odetta, Zypher and other bands we did a , "Love America Rally" in Denvers Washington Park just like the Carefree Freak Outs we had later where Hendrix showed up and tripped with us...Wow ! All this was done with cheap flyers and word of mouth on two days notice. Now, how to pull off a powerful, purposefull party like that, again. Hey, we even got Barry Fey to help out in Denver, yeah, the Jefferson Airplane got pulled at the last moment by Bill Graham but having their name on the flyer did draw the 13,000 the cops said showed up. Surprise !

So, we are awake now, or not, and grateful for the awakening our friends have gifted us with in ideas, spirit and the realization that we may be getting Old, but it aint over till theres nobody left to sing.

Rock On !

Ya know, that ditch where Bill bought the bullet is now a quite delightful parkway and park developed by the Maricopa County Floodway Department. (or such) Could we not petition, with the blessings of the present political powers that be , that that stretch from Osborn to Indian School be dedicated to the memory of WEC with a small Peace Park Memorial erected as a meditation spot where neighbors could pause in their jogging to read some inspiring words like, the Constitution
the United States of America, or such. Hey, could also be a great rallying spot for a Love AZ/America event. Who got the "Juice" to do it, Danny, it could be a Wonderful moment for radio n tv to cover.
Blink, blink, think about it. Labor Day 2006.

Mariah Fleming said...

What a tremendous way to galvanize the spirit of Bill and of all the other loving spirits who have made such a difference to people. A memorial to Bill and to the ways he touched people like us, and Lissa, Toad and Hank, all who are now part of the next world that God has made for them. Powerful idea.

In addition to Labor Day, soon comes the first anniversary of Lissa's parting. Is it a coincidence that we are getting more deeply connected around this time? Is it just a coincidence that we are all communicating in such profound ways? That we are talking about and posting pictures of each other that represent the times when we urgently felt the world calling to us?

Lissa told me many times how much she loved Bill. I can't help but feel Lissa's energy too, in all of this coming together. She lit up the room when she was alive, she continues to light up our universe too.

Who says we're alone? Hope never leaves, we just forget to see it. And Danny Zelisko, where's that Lissa benefit concert video you promised us? Talk about galvanizing love and hope! What a great time to get that out to people! What a wonderful way to honor her memory! What can we do to help make that happen? said...


Betcha the City of Phoenix would approve it and maybe even finance it! We could encapsolate (and visibly list) the entire contents.

I have a bunch of records that Carole gave me signed "WEC" that I could donate PLUS we could print out this entire BLOG and even archive it on CD.

We could mark it with a "Do Not Open Until"----- date or event?

Whadaya guys think? Maybe we should start a new thread to discuss it?

Come to thin of it this BLOG on CD's might be a good way to raise some bucks for the project.

What we need is a Saint - an Our Lady Of Perpetual encouragement to keep the idea going. Hahahaha.

Just thinkin'..........