Monday, August 07, 2006


Picture, courtesy of Fran Bennett who writes:

Attached is the house at 355 W. Camelback Road on Christmas Day 1970 (my old notes say it was a Friday). We moved to 2106 N. 24th St. a few months later where we stayed for a few more months preparing for KDKB's debut that fall. Does anyone have pix of the 24th St. house?


Jimmy said...

With the Deja Vu Now & Then mugshots, Ron has finally hit upon the killer content for this blog. Great stuff!
If you've just directed a friend to this page and know they're viewing it the same time as you are, you can now get into an instant chat. Just click on the "Live Chat" link in the left column, and a little window will appear over this one where you can just start typing away. Another fun feature to encourage talk between the growing community here.

fran Bennett said...

A week or so before this photo the KCAC Christmas party was held at a little dinner lounge slash jazz joint across the street. The entertainment that year was Les McCann, thank you very much, who was coming off a huge year with "Compared to What". I vividly recall that while everyone else was sitting dutifully, bopping their heads (as one will in a jazz club),Toad & Philippa were on the dance floor just dancing away with huge smiles and souls full of joy. What a night :)

Mariah Fleming said...

The picture of the Camelback KCAC sure brought back memories. I lived right around the block from it. All these years I remembered it that color and the way it looks...glad to know my memory was not playing tricks on me! I never saw the studio on 24th Street but thought the one at Wallich's was way cool...those listening booths were what it's all about.

I remember them OPENING a copy of a Dylan lp for me, and sitting in there listening to this one cut over and over again. And nobody said "boo!" It was so laid back. I didn't even have to buy the thing. I guess when I worked at record stores in the 80's and we had "an open copy" of some lps
was the last generation of 'caring about the listening experience' and now that isn't even a consideration.

I detest going into record stores now. It's sterile and unfriendly, and uber cool...totally alienating.
What a shame! At least we have some small places like Rockaway and Zia here, and of course scads on stores on the west coast, so we can avoid "high security" the department store vibe.

Thanks for the wonderful photos and your comments about them. Hope to meet one of these days.