Sunday, October 01, 2006


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hi ron it's a great blog read some of them , it remind me of times out at starbrite and our trip to mingus mountain interesting moments in the time of lives around that kcac crew. i myself haven't smoked anything in a couple of decades except a fine cigar or two. i'm currently living in dallas tx. in a nice home i purchased five years ago to the month with my dog 'einstein'. it's in the north dallas area near the plano border about 2400 sq. ft. in a nice neighborhood, i live in one room and the dog has the rest of the house. this last july ken wakefield, marty manning and myself spent five days in yellowstone national park , it was the ' geezers and geysers trip'. had a wonderful time of it, great sights of the nature of our living earth that we take for granted at times we reminisced of the old kcac days fond memories of our youth and we miss bill, gary and hank to this day and forever as you might know a few us of have a springtime party at scott jones or marty manning or nancy kitchell's to celebrite the life and spirit of gary " toad hall " kinsey. in the course of the evening we always sing his theme song "i'd rather be having fun" it's touching each and every time brings a tear to my eye. sincerely ken paceley
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Marty said...

Hey Ken,
great to have you "in the house"
the Algiers is smiling1