Thursday, October 19, 2006

Embrace The Trembling Masses - Seduce Their Courageous Asses

Crop Circle in England, employing Arabic numbers.

Please consider that I have been incarcerated in a Medical Facility for a few days and may indeed, not be in full charge of my faculties but I gotta tell ya, this has crossed my mind more than once...

These 11,000,000 Illegal Aliens (would you believe more like 18,000,000) MAY... juat MAY, boys and girls... be a part of God's Army??

Yes, yes, I know, this sounds like I am doing a Bush burning but hey.. think; These people BET IT ALL to come here. They, more than any of us perhaps, know what it means to be AN AMERICAN and they are not here because their mamma's were here first.

Amongst the jillion infiltrators that jump our borders are CONSIDERABLY MORE THAN A FEW people that look "Messican" but are from the Middle East and are sworn to Jihad. [Jihad is pronounced Yee-Haw with a "D" on the end, in Redneck].

Some guy with a bunch of bucks and something to prove hired a 10-piece Mariachi Band the other day to play music while he rode AN ELEPHANT from Mexico across the Rio Grande UNENCUMBERED and not even OBSERVED by the Border Patrol.

Osama Bin Here and any number of his trained goons could EASILY come to work at the Circle K down the street from you until they get the signal to go out amongst the suburbs with their copies of The Watchtower and whack your head off when you come to the door.

WHO COULD POSSIBLY SPOT THESE PEOPLE? For that matter who would even CHALLENGE them? Jose' can you see? ASSUME the Iraq war is a distraction while thundering hordes arrive from Pakistan and Venezuela to say..... Naco or Old Tucson.

Hey...... Ese', you speak Farsi?

It is too late to "wake up" America. The CHANGE that was Blowin' In The Wind yesterday is staring right up your skirt and we can't hide from it. I say seduce the courageous asses who are ALREADY HERE and ALLOW them to help us defend OUR country from those who do not belong here. Kiss me, Rosita and tell me if the guy at the front door es' muchacho.

Then again, we could outsource our National Guard. After all, Mammon Rules.

God is Alive, Magic is afoot - amigo.



Tom Wright said...

Welcome back Ronco! (Didn't John Sebastian have a song about that?) Congrats on surviving your hospital stay... I damn near died (at least I felt like it) when hospitalized with a severe case of pneumonia a few years; then came a giant pulmonary aneurysm (roughly the size of a tennis ball) that was ready to blow out, and major heart surgery at the tender age of 41. So, I know how rough hospital stays can be, especially when saddled with Nurse Ratched as your primary caregiver and appointed Angel of Mercy (not!). Congrats again and please stay healthy so we can continue to argue with each other indefinitely.


Tom Wright said...

PS - damn those typos. My pneumonia was a few years AGO, not a few years in duration.

vagabondvet said...

Hi, Tom,

I was going to send you an invitation to be a team member so you could edit your posts, start new ones, and so on, but I see you've already received one. If you've deleted that email invitation let me know and I'll delete the old invitation from the pending list and send you a new one. Otherwise, if you've still got it, you can reply to it and be added as a team member and then you'll be able to edit those things instead of posting a comment, if you choose. Hope your day's a doozy... said...

THANKS, TOM .. actually, I am in far better shape NOW than I was a few years ago. What floors me is that the strokes I had a few years ago have apparently HEALED without even scar tissue left and boy oh, boy it is SO tempting to launch into a rant about White Powders of Gold AKA "Manna" but I shall hold off for a few months pending the next surgery and reports from my "control" subject in Colorado. Besides it's not for the general public and I don't want to get into a Timothy Leary trip with it.

HOWEVER... I do believe it is part of the God Is Alive - Magic is Afoot scenario here on the Blog. Perhaps the proper forum would be email. At any rate I am faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap some structures about the size of a domino with a single bound.

BS aside - I turn 64 in a few days (10/24), have The Beatles running through my head and would love to get laid by the Tupperware Lady or really, any volunteer - not that it would mean anything more than a few hours of their day. Ha.

I'll be around to rant about politics and KCAC for a long time. Just remember ONE BLINK means "Yes" TWO BLINKS means "No" THREE BLINKS means "God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot".