Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I am trying in this one article, to enumerate just a FEW of the coincidences, the serendipity of this blog and the coming together of its people. I am no stranger to all this, I have noticed and followed such things most of my adult life. Call it a form of being "Street-wise". Some regard it as just NOTICING magic - Deja'Vu - Circumstancial patterns. The rhyme and rhythm of serendipity.

Here though, it is more than just coincidence. If I had to give it an image I would suggest the concept of The Phoenix rising from its own ashes. There is more than just casual meanings to the names our forefathers applied to what was at the time, their world. Up in the Grand Canyon for instance there are all sorts of Egyptian names given to various parts of the geography. In a 1909 edition of the Arizona Republic there is a big article about discoveries of the remains of giants deep within the caves, caverns and mountains of the Grand Canyon.

What does all this mean? Ever had a good case of Deja'Vu? Ever LIVED in a condition of Deja'Vu? I have. Jerome, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Sedona... the entire Verde Valley where I wandered and adventured during the fall of 1969 - was the home of TWO of my great-great-grandfathers, whose children married and gave birth to my grandfather in Cottonwood. So what? Ya had to have been there to experience the things I did but to say the least, wow. I didn't find ANY of this stuff out until I started researching genealogy years later, in 1993.

Mariah Fleming in archived posts on this blog - recounts a vivid up close and personal experience with the spirit of Bill Compton immediately after his death. Mariah as it turns out, had a near-death experience at birth. She was premature and in an incubator for a long time. In my case, I had a near-death experience also at birth, where I sustained a skull injury. Perhaps these circumstances cause perceptions to kick in that often go unnoticed. There have been many similar examples.

What does this MEAN to the readers of this blog? How come these things matter? How do I love thee? How do we love one another? Let me count the ways..

John Robertson and Daniel Page both migrated separately to Orcas Island in the Great Northwest. They met there and became good friends, eventually sharing space for a time. Then one day they discussed the past so the story goes. Dan was an editor of Rebirth in Phoenix. John was a DJ at KDKB. It must have been like two brothers discovering each other for the first time because BOTH their 'mother's names were Mary and their father's names were John'. Do you have any idea how mathematically UNLIKELY an encounter lile this is?

Ted Dickenson (a close friend of John's) and I kept running into each other all over Arizona in some of the most obscure towns. Williams, Bisbee and on and on through various career choices ranging from art carving to warehousing to radio. So what? WHAT - is that it kept REPEATING over and over for about 15 years.

NOW we come up to Present time. NOW it is 2006. I have a different life in North Texas but NOW we have the Internet, NOW communication can be done more conveniently and NOW we cannot deny Circumstance and Serendipity becuse it is in our faces.

NOW I rediscover Bruce Frank, Dan Page, Rebirth, KCAC survivors and others. NOW we can compare notes about being Street-wise and noting the magic that surrounds us.

I had not seen Bruce since he came to visit me at my old shack on South Central in Phoenix in about 1977. If Bruce reads this and tells me it didn't happen, I am gonna crap. There was a surreal aspect to the meeting. It was just before or just after Bill died and what I remember most about it was the countenance - the glow around Bruce. I don't recall anything that was said.

NOW we find out that our lives have progrssed in similar, parallel directions. Lovers. Wives. Children.

I was impressed with a Phoenix hippie family with a daughter named Summer. I don't remember anything about them other than how pretty the little gitl was and how I remarked to her and her parents that I really loved the name Summer and wished I had a little girl to name Summer. There was a sudden electric pause in the room and she said; "You will".

I did.

Summer Rose Wortham was born in the middle of August, 1984. She lived 12 years and died in a car wreck Christmas of 1996 - a few months after the 1996 KCAC reunion. As part of the grieving and recovery process my wife Debby compiled a book which I converted into a blog......... http://cherishedblossoms.blogspot.com/
Sad to read but hopeful too and now........ THIS?

NOW I discover that Bruce Frank has a daughter born in 1993. Name? Summer. Summer Rose.
Bruce writes: got this from Ron just now...thought i'd forward it right away... more later but... somethings happining... would you beleive the hand of god moving here... and were getting in touch with our higher selves... Yea i knew you would... weve seen enough of that in action to beleive and smile... but its getting in touch
with us and communicating stronger than ever it seem... Ron and i just discovered we both have a daughter named Summer... Rose, and many other coincidences... Ummm
Lov Ya Bro
more later
Summer Rose Wortham b. 1984
Summer Rose Frank b. 1993

i don't know what to make of it... or if i even should... its a little much... I just sent you an email... as i cant find her 'your Summer Rose' pics on the memorial site... but reading it i learned your daughter also played clarinet... guess what... my daughter plays in the school band too... clarinet... right. My daughter and i were both astounded by the coincidences and parellels... that are being reveled.

My feeling alway is that these reflection of our personal lives in the world around us, weather we understand them or not, is always a good thing... cause what i do understand is... thats our, higher self... getting in touch with us... Yes, our god self that is part of everything around us... just tuneing in with us and showing us... Its with us and working...

We are getting in touch with our higher selves and its getting in touch with us through the world around us... which is us! I tell people not to be afraid or superstisous or to make to much of it, cause well be seeing more and more of this as we go on... think of it as positive feedback... so keep the faith, enjoy the ride and watch the wonders unfold... dont forget a little respect and thanks along the way... cause were probably gonna be seeing more and more of this kind of thing as we go on. We are getting in touch with our higher selves... we are connecting... and its hearing us and awnsering back... and i gotta say it...
'god is alive, magic is a foot'
Love Ya'll

God is Alive - Magic is Afoot, Bruce and Rebirth appears to be coming real.


The Incredible String Band
The Half Remarkable Question

Who moved the black castle
Who moved the white queen
When Gimmel and Daleth where standing between?
Out of the evening growing a veil

Pining for the pine woods that ached for the sail

There's something forgotten I want you to know
The freckles of rain are telling me so
O it's the old forgotten question
What is that we are part of?
What is it that we are?

And an elephant madness has covered the sun
The judge and the juries they play for the fun
They've torn up the roses and washed all the soap
And the martyr who marries them dares not elope
O it's the never realised question

O long O long e're yet my eyes
Braved the gates enormous fire
And the body folded 'round me
And the person in me grew

The flower and its petal
The root and its grasp
The earth and its bigness
The breath and its gasp
The mind and its motion
The foot and its move
The life and its pattern
The heart and its love
O it's the half-remarkable question.


Mariah Fleming said...

I was so touched by the email Ron sent me about the synchronicity between himself and Bruce. It's wonderful to see that Ron posted about it here in such an eloquent manner.

I don't know what it's all about, but what Ron and Bruce have experienced seems more than coincidence. Are there any coincidences? If we simply decide that everything inexplicable is a coincidence, it protects us from having to ponder the wonder of existence. Pondering is good, no?? (o:

"Love is a verb. It requires action." (a dear friend who now lives in Israel told me that when i was in high school) I've learned that it is a simple but profound truth. Doing things from a place of love, enthusiasm, and joy just for the sake of itself, takes courage. It has become suspect in our world.

Some people will always think there's a hidden agenda in other's actions. The beauty of our 'rebirth of real' gathering group is that we all "get it." We 'get' that there's no value in negativity. In the same way that suspicion and hate spread like a disease, a positive attitude of love builds upon itself and gets stronger, and it spreads.

A foundation built from negativity, suspicion and smug judgment is a choatic, 'holier than thou' one. Negativity is a parasite in this world that's trying to destroy us from the inside. But our foundation of love is solid and good; real; something we can all be part of, believe in, be grateful for and depend upon.

We all embraced that solid foundation of caring, community & love at Alwun House. Our mutual appreciation for the ideals, for those times, and for the "sound track of our history" refelcted brightly at the Alwun Gathering. It's reflected in this blog every day. And "airy fairy" as it may sound, It seems undeniable that we are going in the right direction.

How fortunate for us all to have found this "community" and experienced a 'Rebith of Real."
For those new to the blog and those who have
gotten carpal tunnel syndrome or gone half blind posting on it, the Universe has blessed us.
Ron's post just clarified all of this for me once again...thanks Ron.

"God is Alive, Magic is Afoot, God Never Dies."

vagabondvet said...

Talk about synchronicity... funny you should write this, Mariah, it's very much like something I put on my blog a while back.

Actually it's pretty long, I think I'll make it a new post...

Respect4u said...

Earlier this evening, my dear friend Kotch and I were discussing (the... some would say "theory" ... I would say "fact") that there are 2 motivators in the human experience... love and fear. In the 5 sensory world, fear rules. In the 6 sensory world, love (your higher self... God) rules.

Certainly the Internet and this blog are remarkable tools for bringing us all together, but with this group, I truly believe there is an interconnectedness that cannot be avoided or denied. That is why all paths lead to synchronicities... coincidences.. call them what you will. We are all too much in our heart energy for it to be any other way!

Now if we could just bottle it and "unleash" it on the rest of the World!!!!

Oh what the heck... let's try!!!



vagabondvet said...

Whoosh! Yes! :~)

freespeak@gmail.com said...

By way of applause.. Bruce sent me this brief bio on his Summer Rose.

Just gotta share it and I hope that Bruce and Summer don't mind...

Summer Rose Frank Hrostowski
Born in September… 9/9/92 [Virgo]
Phoenix Az.

All dads think there daughter is special… and I’m no exception.

I’ve always thought she has some special talents… and gifts of the spirit, which should be and would be normal for everyone… but some don’t agree, so I try to make her aware of the big picture and our spiritual nature… least anyone try talking her out of her full potential.

She has always loved music…When she was about 3/4 she’d sing along to my music… and make up her own words… spontaneously… right off the top of her head… kind of stream of consciousness thing, with words way beyond her 4 years experience… about mankind, and our behavior and problems, … the way we treat each other… mother nature, , the earth… and on and on… never repeating the same stuff… Oh yea, and fitting it to the music that I was playing… That’s a real gift, beyond most peoples ability. I try to stay calm, encourage, and guide her, … so she might accept and cultivate her gifts… if she was indeed a channeler, which I suspected. She’s kept her interest in music and played violin for a short while, loves choir and singing, and now, for the last couple years, plays clarinet in the school band… We even jammed together, me on guitar, last week. She has good ears and ‘got it’ right away.

She likes to write… poetry, verse, her feeling and observations she makes… a teacher, so impressed, submit one of her poems to a national publisher for consideration… and she was excepted and published… I told her were both in the library now… her poem and me with Rebirth. She’s even written a book, worked on it almost a year… it was very good for her first attempt, I was very impressed, especially for a kid that was ‘behind’ and in remedial reading and writing. She has caught up nicely…

I remember how mad I was when her teacher told her she had a learning disability… and to forget about going to college or being a veterinarian… Ohh! I lost it… they, in essence, tried to cast a spell on her… and I told her so… and not to take it seriously, they had a lot to learn too…they couldn’t know that… and no good teacher would tell her that…. She knows, I’m a teacher, and wouldn’t lie to her.

She’s a straight A student now [B in math] and is smart beyond her years… and in many things they don’t teach in school.

She’s a nature lover, likes to swim, fish and can shoot dam well too. We go camping every summer… sometimes were like were gypsies, free, mobile and able to play it by ear, day by day, no plan, and we always have some great adventures… better than we could have planned.

Last year, just in time for Christmas, I got called to do a quick spot for a Prescott, TV station… to write and play the music on guitar, and sing their copy to it… She came with me, helped, sang on it with me, made some money, and her TV debut. Pretty cool for a 13 year old, along with having her poetry published.

She just turned 14, Sept. 9… and is quite mature for her age… She is living with Dale… my step son, or nephew… for want of a better description. His mother Sherry Bell, [Fred Bells sister] and I go way back,and lived together as friends, lovers and family, finally more like brother and sister… When we lived together I tried to be father figure to both Dale and my son Raman. Sherry past away about a year ago… sadly just after dale’s marriage failed… [The Bells and the Franks… Ummm… there’s something special there] …anyway…

Dale’s family to me… and a second Dad to Summer… He has two boys, Noah and Seth… 4 and 6 respectively, and they are like brothers to Summer… and she is like a sister and sometimes mom, to the extent that she takes care of the boys… does laundry, cooking, cleaning, dishes, straightening up after them, getting them ready for, and to, school… before she goes to school. Really,.. A lot of responsibility for a 14 year old. She’s coping, gets emotional, finds the world overwhelming at times, but thoughtful and quick to help others. I’m proud of her and love her. I gotta say Ron, hearing your sad story, made me count my blessings and appreciate her all the more.

Well, here ya go Ron… some info on her… I’ll bet they are more alike… than different, considering their Papa’s, and their similar influences. Love Bruce

Neat little lady! Thanks, Bruce