Monday, October 02, 2006


FLASH! One moment in time captured by Ken Beals and his video camera - Bob Gately applauding.

THIS PAGE Contains all the video clips posted at YouTube. Some browsers apparently do not respond directly to link code, thus you will have to cut/paste the URL directly into your browser to see it. Ir is WORTH the hassle!

Remember, we are all likely to be part of a museum someday. Please add your pictures, sound clips and/or videos as you find them!


Marty Manning calms the restless but not hostile crowd

Mariah and Russ talk about why Jimmy began the KCAC Lives! blog

Wonderful Russ Shaw makes breaking chair sound like gunshot.

Kim Moody introduces Michael Collins

Michael Collins sings Blues Part I

Michael Collins sings Blues Part II

Andy Olson Radio Free Phoenix

Daniel Page - Still Pictures archivist

Marty & Kent

Bruce / Acoustic Duet part 1

Bruce / Acoustic Duet part 2

Liz Boyle shares Peace Brownies

Kathy Grieger recalls Rebirth


Mariah Fleming said...

SOS! Tech geniuses! How can I access these video clips? Stupid question???? I tried!!!!

vagabondvet said...

Hi, Mariah,

It could be any number of things. It would probably help if we knew what was happening when you click on the links. I just had the same problem (unable to play video clips from YouTube) and after a couple hours of troubleshooting and a good tip from Ron (he'd suggested I uninstall and reinstall Java and Flash Player, which I did, but that wasn't the problem in my case) I realized I didn't have the Shockwave Player installed. The error messages I was getting said I either had Java disabled or an older version of Flash Player, neither of which was true. No messages about Shockwave, but I tried installing it on a hunch, as it was on the same page as the Flash Player download, and that turned out to solve the problem. If you're clicking on the links above and getting the same message I was, try installing the Shockwave Player (Google Flash Player download). If that isn't the problem, we'll need more info. If you want you can phone me, that might be easier, and I'm just sitting here at home with nothing pressing going on for a change...

Bruce Frank said...

From what I'm experiencing... the titles of the video clips are not links at all... i get no reaction passing over them and nothing when i click on them. There was a link that worked the first clip that was posted... but i couldn't find it again so i went to youtube and used there search funtion for 'Alwun' found one of the clips... then clicked the option... find all clips by this person and walla, there they all were!
Thats how i got there but links to the clips on the blog would be even better. There was nothing to install for me... and every thing worked fine on youtube once i was there and
found them.
Im waiting for more vids... thre must be a lot of pics and vid floating around...
'Whats in your camera?'

Love Ya'll
Bruce Frank

Ken Beals said...

Am pretty sure Ron can convert the video addresses above into hyper links.

In the meantime you could highlite the video address "http//...." , copy it and then paste it into the address bar of your browser, click go and voila !

vagabondvet said...

I can convert those to links, if Ron's not handy to do it... give me a minute...

Mariah Fleming said...

Done! And terrific! What fun! And yes, Bruce and everyone, more pics on the way...sizing them to send, they are BIG. The videos are SO cool, Ken Beals ROCKS! said...

What an absolute gas to see these! Thanks to daniel for wting some html link code that WORKED!

Kathy hasn't changed at all, Liz is much foxier than I imaginred, Mariah has the demeanor of - and should audition for the part of, Joan Of Ark - except Armor would not work with her. Marty as always seems on the verge of bursting out laughing, Bruce is beautiful Daniel is distinguished, Kim Moody seems like a Jazz Diplomat, RUSS.. well Russ was there too...... Shucks. I gotta come to the next one. I'll bring my goat..... we'll get him drunk.


Jimmy said...

Great clips. And look, you guys went from group e-mails to sharing YouTube clips in less than a year. Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks! :)

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Ron,
Joan of Arc, huh? At times I feel like I should be wearing armor, but my bad vibe deflecting powers have always been truly tremendous. If ya ever need it I can loan you my invisible shield! Works like a charm!

Your comment brought back a vague memory of being chosen to play Mary in a catholic grade school pageant. A green eyed red haired Irish kid playing the Virgin Mary. So biblically accurate! But we didn't study the Bible much in Catholic school (?!?!?!?) so who knew??