Thursday, October 12, 2006

Photo of Crater Lake


I drove a friend down to Shady Cove to pick up his son for a weekend visit, and the kid had never seen Crater Lake before. The last few times I've gone down to pick him up the Rim Drive was closed because of snow, or something else prevented us from taking that scenic detour, but this time we managed to go that way. Of course I had to stop and take a picture while I was there...

The Great Spirit's quite the artist, no?



9 comments: said...

Magnificent country, my man Dan. I went fishing in the lake back in 1955 with my dad... caught a trout on some crude lure but it was a thrill anyway. I was what - 13?

Totally magic country, especially around the Tetons.

Hey, I have an idea.... Let's byild a big parking lot on one side of it, put up a high-rise and maybe an IMAX showing pictures about it and open a McDonalds! We could charge the suckers even just to park! Rent fishing poles for $50.00 and sell worms for $10!

We could make a bundle.. I bet George would give us the rights.. wot the hell, it's a national park ain't it?

Ronco said...
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vagabondvet said...

Hahaha! "They paved paradise, put up a parkin' lot..."

Actually development around Crater Lake has been pretty limited; there's just one area by the Lodge where there are some commerical enterprises, but most of it's still pretty much untouched, or touched only lightly. That's changing, of course; the longer the neo-cons are in power, the more legislation they pass that turns management of our resources over to corporations. Many national parks are now pretty much run by private enterprises - I think it's a travesty.

The Tetons? I've never been there, though I've seen lots of pictures... would really like to go one of these days, it really is beautiful grand country.

Anyway, glad you liked the picture, there are more Crater Lake pics from yesterday in my Newest Pictures album on Webshots, and some older ones in the Crater Lake album. I hope you're havin' a great day, Ron.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous Foto Mr. Vagabond !

Can you tell us what camera took that picture ?

Thanks ,

Mariah Fleming said...

That's a gorgeous shot...I"ve never been there, wow. You have a real feel for the camera, Dan,
just gorgeous. What time of day did you take that?You ought to submit it to a magazine.

vagabondvet said...



Picture taken 10/12/2006 @ 1:49pm from the terrace at the Crater Lake Lodge with a Fujifilm Finepix E-510 set on "Auto." Shutter Speed 0.8 seconds, Lens Aperature F/6.5, Focal Length 5mm, F Number F/6.4, Exposure Time 1/250 sec., ISO-80. I confess I don't understand the difference between shutter speed and exposure time, I thought they were the same, and I also thought Lens Aperature and F Number were the same thing, but those are the values listed in the properties window for the file. Hope that's informative to you, it's all sorta alien to me, I usually just set it to Auto, frame the shot, and shoot! :~)

Mariah Fleming said...

You and Ray ought to get acquainted...he teaches photography and longs to do more stuff like you do (nature) he thinks your crater lake pic is awesome, in fact we want to try to download it to make an actual print of it and frame it if its ok with you.

Respect4u said...

3 days on the blog and no new subject. That's some kind of record! You certainly have a gift, Daniel! Thank you for capturing the beauty of Crater Lake for all of us to enjoy.



vagabondvet said...

Howdy! Ray teaches photography, eh? That's neat, I wish I knew more about it. People tell me I have a good eye, but if it weren't for the "Auto" button I'd be lost. Of COURSE you can download and print the picture, I'm flattered, and glad you like it. Thanks for the good thoughts. And "Whoosh" backatcha, Sharon!