Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Photo Album Change!

Howdy! I've moved the photo albums to a new hosting site. Webshots changed owners a year or so ago, and in my opinion they've gone downhill ever since. More advertising, more bells and whistles, more resource drain, and, just lately, a new requirement that you have to be personally invited to view private albums, which "improvement" has caused a few problems for our little family here. Oh, and they also raised the price for their premium service. After checking out several photo hosting sites I've decided to go with Picasa Web Albums, and have migrated our photos over there. Several friends tested the new site and found no problems with it, so I've changed the KCAC Lives! Photo Albums page on my site (that's the target of the "KCAC Lives! Photo Albums" link under "The Community" in the left sidebar here) to point to the new album location. Please check it out, and email me if you discover any problems. While there you might like to visit my Public Gallery, too, there are some nice pictures there and I'm in the process of adding more.

Many thanks to all who have contributed - and if you have pictures you'd like added to the albums, email those to me with caption information and I'll upload them to the albums.

KCAC Lives! Photo Albums



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