Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fatal Attraction: free XM on AOL Radio

I almost hate to say it, but downloading the free AOL Radio player and listening to XM Radio's "Deep Tracks" channel on it - for free, again - will give you the weird feeling that you're somehow cheating on Andy Olson.

I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix's "Angel" on it right now, but earlier this morning on the uninterrupted commercial-free feed, I heard the brand new track by Jerry Lee Lewis and Mick Jagger (favorite line: "I can still paint the town all the colors of your evening gown"), some vintage CS&N and Captain Beefheart, "Everything's Gonne Be Alright" by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and - oh wow, right now, "Tubular Bells" by Mike Oldfield (not the complete version, thankfully).

As a Radio Free Phoenix supporter, I feel like I'm staying too late at the office with the secretary every time I say "just one more song" before clicking back to RFP on iTunes. Has anybody else out there tried listening to XM on AOL Radio? If you haven't, don't. You'll only feel dirty. (Click on the title link, above, if you dare.)

I swear, Andy, Cheryl, Liz - I only tuned in at 7 this morning to hear this week's edition of "Theme Time Radio Hour" (worth the effort of downloading the AOL player and tuning it to Channel 40, for "Deep Tracks," alone). I'll be home soon.

Say, is that "Perpetual Change" by Yes playing right now?

2 comments: said...

Ah, Jimmy... Gone to the dessert table again. That's all yummy stuff but the grass is always greener on the other side of the salad bar if ya can't smoke it. GREAT song selection - but when you place all those undeniably juicy toons together end to end - what does that collage SAY?

I mean heck if you enjoy it, make it yours but expect an onset of diabetes soon from a lack of eclectisism and variety.

The one ingredient of this format that is VERY shrewd is that most people are too distracted by Real Life Functions like seducing the secretary or talking the secretary into seducing the client - to tie two or more songs together for poetic content.

Sure.. go ahead Jimmy, hell you are still young. But I bet you make yourself sick within a week.


Jimmy said...

Did I mention that you can also listen to XM's other 69 music channels on this thing? This is one dangerous liaison.