Thursday, October 26, 2006

COLLOIDAL SILVER - Better than sex!

How's THAT for a "I am not a doctor - butt" disclaimer?

Off- BLOG email from Mariah sez she's got the flu.

So for her benefit (not because I give a damn about the rest of you) here is some info on Colloidal Silver. I repeat I am not a doctor butt.

SILVER is a very old remedy for infections, going back to the Knights Templar and even farther. You get a cut or stab wound? Place your silver cross on it and say anything you believe in and it will be well on it's way to healing in 24 hours with NO infection as a rule, if you keep the cross on there.

During The Plague people caught crap and died EXCEPT the wealthy folks who ate off silver plates with silver utensils.... for the most part.

The wars saw silver used not only for photography but silver foil and silver mesh was used on burns and such. But here's the kicker - OLD research in the 1930's seems to have observed STEM CELL PRODUCTION in the presence of silver, during cellular mitosis. That's right - cellular mitosis - the only miracle science cannot explain (at least to my satisfaction) seems to at least occasionally pump out a THIRD cell to be carried away by the blood stream and dropped off at an injury site where it can be utilized as a building block of healing.

It IS NOT an antibiotic regardless of what you might read on the Internet

As a colloid you are dealing with silver as a trace element, measured in PPM (Parts Per Million). When CS gets cold, it takes on a milky look but is just as effective as when clear. Exposed to light, it will turn a slight brownish/amber color. You can SEE the particles with a laser pen.

Use of Colloidal Silver falls under the heading of PREVENTIVE medication. If you use it and DON'T get sick, it worked! COLLOIDAL silver has much more with the DISTRIBUTION of silver - turning it into almost a thin but invisible paint - it goes almost EVERYWHERE topically and internally as well. Again, it is NOT an antibiotic but rather functions as an antiseptic, killing them little bacteria and germy vermin almost on contact, and the contact is THOROUGH in the colloidal form. The SMALLER and FINER the particles, the deeper the penetration into the tissue, the more germs and viruses die.


So how do you get Colloidal silver? It is commercially available on the Internet at exorbitant prices OR you can make your own. You need PURE silver, PURE water and chemically PURELY CLEAN (glass/PYREX) utensils. Remember you are going to make a COLLOID (like a very thin Jell-O) not a SOLUTION. You are going to do something like a high school experiment in ELECTROPLATING using pure silver, only a few volts of electricity and pure, distilled water. Nothing more. 1. You need a source of PURE silver. Silver - two INGOTS of 99.99 sterling silver from a jewelry shop is best. The Canadian pure silver coin is OK.
2. Electricity can be AC or DC in the range of 20 - 30 volts. FOUR nine volt batteries wired in series works well. Positives and negatives plug right in to each other.
3. Hook one silver ingot to each wire. Technically one is a cathode, one is an anode. Polarity does not matter, therefore you can use a 24-volt power supply (transformer). Three 9-volt batteries in series ... make 27 volts. FOUR is best - 36 volts lasts longer.
4. Place one silver ingot at the sides or ends of a glass container, about the size of an 6-oz water glass. BOIL your distilled water IN GLASS such as a coffee decanter and pour enough in the PYREX container boiling, to cover the ingots - not the wires or clips. Boiling water allows more silver into the suspension although room temperature is OK. PURE DISTILLED WATER is absolutely essential to the process. After you have done this a few times and have made the mistake of using tap water you will come to realize what horrific stuff tap water really is. Tap water because of the chlorine, salts and other minerals in it, will fizz, roil, scum over and make you wonder WHY you ever drank that stuff! AVOID boiling your distilled water in any type of metal container.
5. Turn on the electricity or connect the batteries and let the process continue for about 20-30 minutes or so. You're done. The water will hold just so much silver. 20-30 minutes is enough.
SILVER is light sensitive. Keep your Colloidal Silver in a brown or blue bottle or in the dark. A NASAL SPRAY BOTTLE is OK for frequent use. GLASS and dark storage is best, having to do with polarity of the molecular structure. A brown glass bottle with a dropper is good. You can use it as a nasal spray. Use it as an eye and ear drop. Large doses over a long time it is said, will cause a slight BLUE tint to occur on the body's skin. THIS OLD WIVE'S TALE IS PROBABLY FALSE. We are talking about DRINKING several glasses per day for months on end. Simple drops have no such effect. Silver toxicity? Here, have a sip of this bleach..... No, that's tapwater. Sorry.

BE AWARE that a COLLOID is like a PAINT. Why not paint your nostrils, eyes, ears and so on with silver? Try it. Three or more times per day at the onset of infections. Use common sense and stop usage when you are well. CS is NOT an antibiotic, but functions more as a disinfectant. <

TIPS: Use your jar lid in the bottom of your warming pan to keep the glass container from overheating on contact with the pan

Keep your CS IN THE DARK .. It is light sensitive. You are working with a form of TARNISH that isn't tarnish yet.

Then again, everything you have read above may be a lie.

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