Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Approaching 14,000 hits - How "big" are we really?

Camels and shadows. Click to enlarge.

There are two types of hit counters on the bottom of the page here and the numbers may be a bit confusing, even misleading. Are we Camels or are we Shadows? Hmmm?

The simple, consecutive hit counter on the left (bottom of the BLOG) lets us know how many times consecutively, the site has been accessed. It's really just a loose index but it doesn't really tell ya the truth. Many times Spammers, advertising "Go-Bots" Cookie Peddlers and so forth will hit the blog looking for a target. Key words, certain frequencies of hits and God knows what else determine how long they stay or whether they have a product they want to rub in our faces.

REAL readers... humans... average a little over 30 per day for a little less than 5 minutes each. Jimmy plugged in the counter on the right (bottom of the BLOG) which is far more analytical and truthful.

But hey...... 30 REAL people PER DAY is a pretty strong core group of anonymous "firemen" to have on hand if the house burns down.

Click on the counter on the right (bottom of the BLOG) for more details.

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