Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Heeeee's BAAaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!

Hi boys and girls....

Happy accident on an incorrect med that took me over the top on potassium levels. Caused me some blackouts This turned out to be a GOOD thing.. will have a couple of days back in the hospital in a week or so to clean out a carotid artery that is 80% closed...

More important... All the tests showed that my previous strokes are healed. Did NOT expect that but wasn't too surprised. Been taking White Powders of Gold for a few months. More on that later... THANK YOU for the phone calls and emails.

Far more important stuff happening in the world.

Remember the post on "The Hum" and how I was saying there were TWO of them and that I thought it MIGHT be earthquake related and was guessing about an October 10th date but no idea WHERE?

Yesindeedydoodydoo, Mariah.................

This is from Dan Covington in Hawaii........
Re: earthquake Inbox

Kana to pamela
More options Oct 15 (3 days ago)

Aloha All,

I road this one out on my queen size bed, while "playing" with my dogs. One more time, that I NO listen, to the signs. Now, I see there "play" was more like get your okoli [ass] out of bed and outside. That is just what they both did, as soon as house started swaying, they went out side, though their doggie door. While I road the serf on the bed, it was a long ride, almost a min. my only damage, was an empty plastic bottle fel in the bath tub, tuff.

For those of you that don't live on a 3 live Volcano, earthquakes accure as the magma moves underground. The weight of these islands, against the serface of the planit, it cause the islands to sink about half and inch a year. The last earthquake of this size was in the mid 70' [ ninteen 70's that is] The Kona area, had about one forth of the people living there, not to mention 50 thousand touists.

It ain't over, until your hear from Pele [Goddist of the Volcano]. Most earthquakes are, the pre-curser to a lava out break. These quakes [the last after shock of 3.3 was at about 3:20, about an hour ago] are under the Volcano Hualalai, located north of Kona. The Kona Aiport, and many of the new big Resorts, sit on lava flows from Hualalai. From the acentent chants, Hualalai erupts about every 200 years, more time than that has passed ....

I am in the Puna District, south of Hilo. On the other side of the island, Mauna Loa sits at 13 thousand feet between Hualalai and Kilauea. I am in a safe place at 500' elevation, on the northeastern sloap of Kilauea. After the earhquake this morning, this area only breafly lost power. Commucation, cel calls off island [ Kona was out, due to lack of power], TV satalites up links, Radio were all cut of, one of the intresting things, was use of ATM's and Credit Cards and more .... all due to power being out on Ohau. The lights were on, and we had Church as usual. This is an increadable, for me it was gathering with people of spirit, in Mahalo [graditude]. Other were: some farmer and constrution works, that just go on there tractors and started clearing roads, NO calls to the boss, NO checking on libility, just go malama aina [care for the land].

Let the people of the world know we are alive with ALOHA!

Kana Daniel Covington.

Will post more later, folks.

Thanks again



vagabondvet said...

Ah, and most welcome you are, too! Stay off that potassium, Ron, and keep takin' the gold, that seems to work pretty well. When you go in to get your carotids cleaned out (man, that almost sounds kinky!) are you going to be gone again for a few days, or is that more of a "quicky," as in an outpatient procedure? (There I go again, I just gotta get my mind outta the gutter!) Anyway, good to see you on here again, and nice to see the note from Dan, too. Pleasant dreams, amigo...

Mariah Fleming said...

Ron, yes indeedydoodoo, oh, deed I do; deed I do remember very well.

"All I want is a good dog and some trees,
out of touch with the breakdown of the century; 'cause we're not gonna fix it up too easy..."
Joni Mitchell

Well you rascal, you got out of the hospital before I could call you there! And it's so much fun trying to negotiate reaching that phone from a hospital bed! And that ring is sooooo soothing!!

Now that you're all rested up (ha!) from being in the hospital, I'll catch you at home one of these days. Meanwhile, you take care of yourself, breathe deeply and keep that ticker going strong. The world (specifically this one!) needs you!

You've got a lot of love being sent your way, don't doubt it for a second. Please tell Dustin thanks for letting Daniel know and keeping us posted. You've got a good one there.

Fran Bennett said...

Welcome back, Ron. Glad to hear you're OK :) :

Respect4u said...

Yeah Ron!!! It's great to have you back! Your angels are obviously working overtime! We'll all be glad when you get this hospital business out of the way. It's too quiet here without you! Here's an excerpt from an email I sent to Daniel and Mariah on October 16: I pray that he (that's you Ron) is back making jokes about having roto-rooter and telling tales of that whole other parallel universe that we call the medical establishment very soon! Even the briefest of visits there should give him plenty of ammo! I knew it was too quiet on the blog. I almost posted "where's Ron?" .. And I'm the new kid ...