Wednesday, October 11, 2006

(off-topic) CONTACT


When we were all living at the Scottsdale House (before there WAS a Scottsdale) Ray Thomson demonstrated a gadget that I ALMOST got to see work. It was about the size of a toy car. These days such toys are totally wireless and would have seemed miraculous then.

At the time I was pretty strung out. June Johnson's kittens had scared the shit out of me in the kitchen while no one was home - by opening and closing the drawers in the cabinets from behind, where I could not see them. So when Ray was about to demonstrate his machine, I ASSUMED it was a static generator to raise the hair on your head and did not stay to watch. That was stupid, fearfull and ignorant of me Ray, and I aplogize (now that it is 35 years later and I am 1,000 miles away).

But now I am learning about guys like Nikoli Tesla. Cars that run on water. Electricity from sunlight. And Crop Circles.

You are probably well aware of them by now but what if they really are PAGES.. LIKE IN A BOOK?
And the NEXT progression;

Have a fun day.

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