Thursday, October 05, 2006


Off-blog emails are flying about misinformation, disinformation, outright lies and media manipulation of the Minds of America.

Tom Wright just TOUCHED on a sore spot and wow, in the background off-blog the herd shows signs of stampeding.

Not that it's a BAD thing. Sometimes you gotta raise hell to get a point across - but it does kind of take away from the entertainment value of the blog. I've been reading this stuff since Y2K and researching it even longer. In my opinion the forces in play now are going to have to be allowed to play themselves out. And yes, it may be at the cost of Our Country.

Look at the plummeting price of gas. [Time to vote boys and girls and it really would be easier if you would vote for OUR SIDE] The soaring cost of food - how long before now have you paid more than $2.00 for a tomato? And we are being told smugly, that inflation is very much under control.

So let me offer this - and it is an ugly thing to say; It is all mostly a lie. Manipulation. Rigged voting. Decadance in public office. Blackmail. Drugs. I'll even go so far as to suggest the entire Foley Event is a hurried cover-up, a distraction, a smoke screen for things far more serious and widespread. To put it simply - War is Sacred. It has become God. And it will be nurtured and fed for as long as it turns a profit.

It is all a wag in search of a dog. Mammon is in command.

My suggestion is to control the rage and watch as objectively as you can - as the coming events unfold. Keep a bowl of popcorn nearby. And the TV remote. And the phone. And the kids. And the dog.

And if you have one, a gun.



Mariah Fleming said...

Well, Ronco, I remember hiding under desks to fight the commies and bomb shelters being hawked in Tucson where I was a kid...and being told by nuns, priests, media that is was the end of the world, that we had no chance, it was all so corrupt.We both believe a lot in let me share a small bit with you and more in a private emal so as not to get the blog over politicized.

People only have the power we give them. Rage is useful when it causes people to wake up, I am a pacifist, so I don't want to see anyone take up arms (I know lots of people don't understand that about me but I can support the troops and still have my own beliefs, they are not mutually exclusive!)

I once emailed you that if people put as much energy into believing they have personal power and can change things, that we can indeed bring change. We do not have to wait to see others play our lives out like we are chess pieces.

The proof of thinking what you want to happen is this: the people in control believe they have all the power; they control everything. Granted we have lost many of the freedoms you and I grew up with, they are banking on our kids and grandkids not to understand the difference.

They did pave paradise and put up a parking lot. But just look around and you will find many who are 'mad as hell', not anti American or unpatriotic, who realize that real patriotism is defined by those who are willing to say things that are not 'politically correct' and be criticized for it.As Dante said in 1200, 'the hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."

You certainly do not fit into that category, nor do those who want to keep on yakking and trying to get involved. The greatest thing about OUR generation, broadly speaking, is that we were raised with the idea that it was ok to have differences of opinion and to question authority. My how the times have changed. Just 'cause a politician says it don't make it so.

That's part of why Alwun was such a rush! People who were thinking, coming together,not being afraid to say, hey, this really is something good and real that we must and will preserve and nurture!! And whoever doesn't 'get it', well, it's a sad for them.

I greatly respect you and your opinions and always learn from the things you talk about. You are so brave to talk about things the way you do, as openly as you do. We need a few million people to be the way you are. I wish I had your guts.

I also had an actual epiphany, not in the GWB sense, but an epiphany so strong, clear and real,about a month ago. If it gives you any degree of comfort, 'something' told me in no unceratain terms not to fear the world today, that it will be all come out right, not blow up in our faces. What we do to change it makes all the difference; fear is the most destructive thing; to believe in one's intuition, stay in tune with it, and live by it. So, we are both trying, huh? (o:

If anyone thinks this is all 'nuts', ok. We'd all be in good company!

P.S. I don't need any 'ghostbusters"
either (o:


Actually Mariah, I AGREE with you in your philosophy. I really, really do. I really believe that things will inevitably work out BUT PROBABLY NOT THE WAY WE EXPECT.

God loves surprises and is capable of HUGE magic.

Interestingly here at nearly 4AM you, Dana from Alwun and my son ar college are emailing at the same time. Betcha there are many more as well,

At any rate my son Dustin just share this little limerick with me which really spells out in great yet simple detail - what we all seem to be trying to say,,,,,

"there, the terrible roving motive! see its dastardly approach, its proud rumbling. look in its eyes! that fearful seriousness. it means us to move. now, how are we moving?

stand fast in front of that steamy incentive. remain steadfast in vacancy and malaise. it may mean budge, but budge not. there are terrible figures to take on, poses and postures of plenty.

and pause may come and that progressive tempting current will lure us along, but our empty minds will remain, every inkling spark smothered.

for our sweetest truth is that oblivious clarity."

Respect4u said...

Perspective is everything….If we view a situation in fear and say “I don’t want that” we will receive it. Why? Fear is our focus.

Love or fear… it seems a simple choice. Why do we have such difficulty with it? Human nature, I suppose. We see what’s gong on, and we are outraged by it. Some great bumper stickers I saw recently come to mind: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” and “Just think… If the world didn’t suck, we would all fall off!”

It really is all in your perspective.

One very favorite example is this: When asked if she would attend an anti-war rally, Mother Theresa said “NO… but I would attend a peace rally.” Desires born of fear, regardless of how noble, will not manifest as desired. You can say “I want this… I want this“… but still… if fear is your motivator, it’s not going to transpire as you wish. Fear kills our vision and dreams! So let’s break out the popcorn and change the channel! We’re the only ones who can.


Sharon said...

Here in our tiny little towb (pop. 404) we are stuck on dial-up and really just ONE TV channel (even though cable is available). Therefore we usually have a choice of entertaining TV shows ranging from CSI New York to CSI Miami to the military/Navy version NCSI (interesting we almost never see any Navy uniforms). So we get LOTS of body fluids, corpses, DNA and drug-related plots and sub-plots. One must always ask HOW can they do all that work on rotting bodies and not be bothered by the smell? That must take a LOT of cocaine!

Enter Netflix. More importantly, enter the 1990's TV classic Northern Exposure. What a fun, delightful show. We are inline to inherit several MONTHS of Northern Exposure.

Don't call in the evenings, OK?


Respect4u said...

Does your local station sign off at night, Ron? I remember when they used to sign off here in Phoeix. That's when they revealed "the eye." They called it a test pattern... but I know better. It is the hypnotic eye that locks you into its gaze and holds you, fixated, helpless...wondering why you continue to watch. .. Don't look into the eye Ron! Put down the remote! Run for your life, man, before it's too late!!!!

vagabondvet said...

Hi, Sharon,

I just visited your site, and found your Whoosh! poem. It's great, thanks! I hope you don't mind, I've pasted it here so everyone will know what ytou mean when you say "Whoosh!"...

by Sharon Porter

There is a light burning bright
The source of all we know
Day and night this bright white light
Illuminates our souls

It is God’s love. It is of course
The ultimate permanent power source
Tap in to the miracle of this force
It is God’s perfect love

Whenever I say “Whoosh” to you
I send my love and His love too
A white light cloak to protect you
It is God’s perfect love

Here is a special “Whoosh” or two
This gift lives right inside of you
You can “Whoosh” your loved ones too
It is God’s perfect love" said...

I appreciate what you are saying about the dangers of Mind Control, Brain Washing, Controled Media, Managed Media, Subliminal Messages and such but Sharon........

Man must have a God.


Respect4u said...

I'm honored, Ron. Thank you.
God is alive. Magic is afoot.
... But that remote control, Ron? I know God is everywhere, but I'd still watch out for that box with the eye!



Respect4u said...

Hi Daniel. I love that you put "Whoosh" on the Blog. Thank you! I have emailed Oprah (twice) and told her that it is my mission in life to make "Whoosh" and the full understanding of what it means a household word. I asked for her assistance. Think she'll help? I was thinking my messages were probably just bogged down in the filter of the 6,000 or so people who sort through that stuff for her, but... now... come to think of it... Her show is on the box!... The Box with the EYE!! Oh No!!!! It's a conspiracy! Oh no!!! Whatever will we do???? ... I know!!!