Sunday, October 22, 2006

Who's the guy in the beard?

Ran across this photo in a 1985 article in Off-Mike magazine. Our old pal the late Earl Baldwin (a former Ronald McDonald by the way!) is the focus of the article, but notice that in naming the telethon hosts in the left photo, they skipped right over that guy in the beard!

Marty Manning

3 comments: said...

Marty - It almost LOOKS to me like Bill Compton but the dates and such don't connect. I can barely read the print but it LOOKS like 1968. Most of us were in Dallas at that time trying to understand "Electric Lady Land" by Hendrix. Unless Bill was in two places at once (possible) then the guy in the beard and the hair was probably a live model for "Clouds" hair dressers.

THEN AGAIN I could just be full of it. I'll check.

Ronco said...

PS....... Where the hell is Bob Gately? I betcha he could tell us! Musta connected with Bruce and some o' that Tennessee Mountain Dew.

Mariah Fleming said...

You need your own branch of the AMEHOF museum archives!