Tuesday, October 10, 2006


We blew by 13,00 hits a day or so ago.THANKS, TOM WRIGHT Having lived on 35th Ave. at the hill house for 5 years and Starbrite for only 5 months, it is easy to misplace one's houseshoes. Dan has motivated me to at least look.

Much has changed since 1969. The houses with the possible exception of Ray's old place - have been torn down and rebuilt and painted blinding white. The places marked were the locations only. I am almost sure though that the round area at the bottom of the screen is The Living Room - or where it was, at least. Anyone with a pickup truck would see it as a pile of discarded junk - not knowing it once had been Sacred Ground, consecrated by shared communion elements that were scarce and rare, even for the times. It's a hoot to see that circle from the air.

To have Google Earth find it in perspective, have it search 43rd Ave. & West Estrella Phoenix, AZ. It will "fly" you there.

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vagabondvet said...

Yes! Thanks... see note in previous post. Nice picture!