Sunday, October 08, 2006


Bruce Frank is absolutely going to love this idea and I think, you will too. There is just an unbelievable amount of crap going on in the world and for the most part it is going UNREPORTED in the controlled MSM (Main Stream Media). That includes MOST of the Internet, ALL of the major TV Networks AND the morning paper. Take it from me [and Frank Zappa] boys and girls - it CAN happen here.

For instance; YESTERDAY - October 7th, 2006 in 200 cities across our country THOUSANDS of anti-Bush protesters turned out in a spontaneous series of demonstrations ranging from Street Theatre with costuming to old-fashioned non-cooperation with and even allegedly, assault of - police officers. Yesterday. Here. In Amerika. Is THIS the first you have heard about it?
But that is not the ONLY fascism fun in fantasyland. Over in Vladimir Putin's ballpark - you know, where they keep all the nukes - A woman writer critical of the Putin regime was gunned down in cold blood in the street... You know, like the ones in front of Wal-Mart. That is NOT her in this picture by the way - Those are both Americans, one is being paid.

All you can do is change the channel or pop in a DVD. THEN AGAIN you can READ current news, rumors, propaganda or lies and even POST current news, rumors, propaganda or lies right here on the blog.

SURELY you have wanted to make up a story about a politician or report a rumor or repeat The Truth about somebody... right? Take the Foley thing. Weigh that against the Jeff Gannon story (male prostitute and possible coke mule) who was admitted to the white house and other Washington hospitalities HUNDREDS of times. Covered up. G00gle Gannon if you dare. Foley is a pole dancer in a spoylight performace at a topless bar.

So here's the deal; The chat mode on this page has gone more or less unused until now but it lends itsel oh, so well to gossip. Or news. Whenever you post something, it stays on the display for what... probably 24 hours. I have posted just a few lines about the demonstrations but YOU (Bruce?) may have other and better information on other topics.

IT IS VERY SIMPLE TO CUT/PASTE a line or two you may have read somewhere anonymously on the Gabbly chat mode, for the next guy to read about or do research on or maybe take action upon or share with a friend.

Click on the headline to activate Gabbly Chat. Better yet, when you get there with Gabbly Chat on your screen - bookmark it or save it to favorites in your browser. WHY? So you can chat with other readers AND so you can read the "Underground" (damn, that sounds so naughty) news of the day!


Robert said...

Can you tell us where these photos were taken? said...

Hi Robert and welcome.
MOST of these were published on a "liberal" website called Strike The Root" which devotes itself to covering the political inequities of the world. At present their posture is anti-Bush but like in all politics, your identity depends on where you snag your pants as you try to get off the fence. Liberalism was once a rabid form of Conservatism. Then war became peace, love became hate, etc.

I don't keep an active link to Strile The Root but I am on their daily email list. If you g00gle them, you'll connect quickly.


Mariah Fleming said...

Good question, Robert, and welcome indeed!
Here's my two cents for what its worth: I'm skeptical of any source that professes to be "the truth.

With the web things are more open and accessible, except for places like China, where MSN agreed to censor the info made avaialbe to the Chinese in return for getting the Chinese government to ok worldwide internet in China (deleting history such as Tiannamen Square from books and now online.) Sad, seems like MSN had the upper hand in that one and didn't use it.

Anyway, for a mind altering experience, online newspapers/media around the world are fascinating. The most thorough and objective news about any issue or any place in the world does not necessarily stem from the country that is at the source of the news. Now there's a surprise, huh?

But I am surprised at the number of non English speaking countries that have English language newspapers. Checking these other sources gives a reader the opportunity to at least make an educated guess at what's really "going on" in the world.

A couple of resources: said...

Well, another really great idea shot to pieces by ..... technology?
Must be cookies or sum'n. I cannot seem to get newer stories to update.. sigh.

Ah well, if it ain't music, magic KCAC and KDKB what does it matter. Wish I had a smoke though.

Hey, Tom Wright straightened me out on the location of Starbrite ranch. His info and Google Earth confirmed it... off ***43rd Avenue**, not 35th.

No wonder I couldn't find my way home after San Fransisco.


vagabondvet said...

Off 43rd? Oh! Could you figure out which place on 43rd, narrow that down some so I can move my Google Earth placemark? That would be neefty...

Mariah Fleming said...

Well, we barely found our way home from Alwun House so you're doing pretty darn good there, fella!

vagabondvet said...

Ah, thanks, Ron. It's neat to see the old place and try to dredge up some of the ol' memories. Unlike some of you I was only there a few times, and though I remember snippets of one of those visits with some clarity (it must have been those cactus buttons!), most of my recollection is less substantial, kind of smoky, like the aroma or flavor of the spirit of the place. It's neat to see the image. I wonder if the people who live there now are aware of the history of the place, and if anyone's ever gone there to reminisce about the good ol' days and told them some of the stories. Probably not, and probably just as well. Anyway, thanks again for the info, bro.