Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Liz Boyle Does it Again!! Hooray for AMEHOF!

The talent and heart of our lovely Liz Boyle, the New Time's 2006 "Best Radio Personality in the Valley" has again been recognized!! Liz was recently elected to the Board of Director's of the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame!!! Liz will be such a great asset to AMEHOF! Way to go, Liz! You also might remember seeing AMEHOF's Terri Sussman at our cosmic 'Rebirth of Real' Alwun House gathering. Terri is AMEHOF's new Board of Director's President. Congratulations! And it was Ken Beals, a member of AMEHOF's Board of Director's who offered to videotape our Alwun House party (see pics by clicking on Daniel's photo link to the left of the blog.)

Here on the blog during the past year, so many of you have expressed your sincere enthusiasm and concern about preserving the wonderful organization that is our Az Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame. Anyone who was lucky enough to attend their outstanding induction ceremony last year saw what the heart and soul of AMEHOF is about. AMEHOF has a lot of support in our community, so let's let them HEAR IT from us. You can get involved as a volunteer and AMEHOF periodically takes applications for their Advisory Board.

So how about it? Just takes a second to send your comments to AMEHOF at AzHallofFame@aol(dot)com-it might make you feel all warm and fuzzy too! Click on our link to their website under "Community" to see a slideshow of pics from last year's ceremony. There's more info about the Board by clicking their 'About Us" tab. And if you want a trip down memory lane, check out their music archives. John Dixon put it together. Wow!

As we all saw at Alwun House, God is Alive, Magic is Afoot. Woo Hoo! Let's keep that spirit alive!


Tom Wright said...

If AMEHOF nominations are being taken for the next round of inductees, I suggest Travis Edmonson and Katie Lee. Travis was half of "Bud and Travis", one of the best nationally-known folk duos of the early 1960s (NOT the wimpy Kingston Trio type-stuff but real, fiery, beautifully sung acoustic music). He was born in Nogales, has recorded extensively in English and Spanish, and now lives in Mesa (in poor health, alas). Katie Lee wrote a book about cowboy music called "Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle" and recorded an accompanying album in the 1970s (Travis Edmonson also appears on it), as well as numerous other albums, cassettes, and CDs since the 1950s. She lives in Jerome but spent much of her life in Tucson and has been an actress and an author as well as a singer. She's about 86 now but still spunky and opinionated. It would be nice to honor these folks soon, while they're still around to appreciate it. Marshall Trimble, who I think I saw listed on the AMEHOF board, is a good friend of both.

Mariah Fleming said...

Shoot them an email, that's the best way to contact them. azhalloffame@aol.com