Sunday, October 22, 2006

For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite - And Kana

Dan Covington is about to strike out on a huge amount of work that may not be necessary. Not that it isn't fun, but copying old LP's to MP3 MAY have already been done.

So, check out Limewire.. It's where I found "Parallelograms" and a whole bunch of Moody Blues in the original LP mix PLUS Hoyt Axton, Harry Nillson, Laurie Anderson, ANY OBSCURE SONG OR ARTIST YOU CAN IMAGINE including Buffy and "God Is Alive, Magic is Afoot" will be on Limewire, at some time or another.

Here's how it works... You and umpteen jillion other computer users log on at the same time like a come-and-go party. You do a search on Limewire for the song you want [or video or file or whatever] and it downloads right to you from however many computers HAVE the song you are looking for. While THAT is going on the stuff YOU have that somebody is searching for goes OUT to them!

Got cable or DSL? It happens in a flash. Got dialup? fill your search list and go to bed.

Default directories are /MyMusic in most cases but you can SPECIFY access paths if you have political secrets on your computer or may have fallen into one of the porno traps at MySpace.

It's worth a click to find out about.... just click the headline to find and download it.

CAUTION: Limewire is a background task program and it MAY (probably will) invoke on its own and run even when you are not using it or haven't even clicked it. SAVE your download to disk so you can uninstall it and bring it back up when you need it. Otherwise you may get a little spyware sneaking through your firewall from time to time.

What do I get out of this?
The satisfaction of knowing that ASCAP and BMI are finally getting exactly what they deserve.


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